Chantel Jeffries’ hip tattoo says “Noir,” the French word for “black.” It means more than just a color. “Noir: black, dark, dreary, mysterious, raven,” she wrote in an instagram post.

Though perhaps unintentionally, the tattoo also pays homage two of her ethnicities: she is both Black and French (Creole) as well as Native American, Irish, and Italian.

When she got this tattoo in May 2014 she knew what word she wanted but hadn’t decided where to put it on her body. On May 4th she tweeted “Hint: my next tat is French & very descriptive of myself” then on the 9th she wrote “Idk where to get my small one word tattoo on me and @RomeoLacoste is on his way to do it!”

She ended up getting it on the side of her left hip in a vintage-inspired typewriter font.

Noir: black, dark, dreary, mysterious, raven.

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posted by Linda on January 21, 2016

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