Stefano Alcantara Tattoos

Kirstin Maldonado

Kirstin Maldonado got her sixth tattoo on her right forearm in August 2016. She made a special trip from Los Angeles to New York just to get tattooed by artist Stefano Alcantara during the United Ink expo.  “In 2012 I swore I’d never get my first big(ger) tattoo/art if it wasn’t @stefanoalcantara !!! SO HAPPYYY ??” she wrote on her instagram.

Though it looks like a wolf, it is actually her dog Olaf, who is a husky.  He was named after the snowman in Frozen and has his own instagram account with hundreds of photos. Olaf is white with blue eyes, and the tattoo is done all in black and white inks except for the blue ink in his eyes.


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