Marzia Bisognin Products

“Thanks @tartecosmetics & @soapandglory for always sending me the best makeup with cutest care packages! Dat unicorn. ?”

“Since my friend announced her Swamp Queen palette I’ve been counting down the days till I could grab one, but today I was surprised by a @tartecosmetics package and I seriously got too excited opening it up! I’m so happy and proud of Bunny, you can tell how much she put into this, it’s so her. Which basically means so unique. Thanks to Tarte and Bunny for making my day!! ??”

Marzia Bisognin and Winky Lux collaborated together in designing two special lipstick colors: Corallo and Stella Marina.

“These two lipsticks I designed (Corallo & Stella Marina) are now available on the @winky_lux website! ? #WinkyLuxMarzia
For those of you asking, they are gluten/paraben/cruelty free. Made in USA.
Each costs $15 but you can get both + a little pug pouch for $28! ?” – she posted on Instagram on April 1, 2016.

Marzia Bisognin gets a package of Soap & Glory beauty products.

Marzia Bisognin got sent lots of a makeup from Sigma Beauty. She received a box set with Lip Vex ($10.00) glosses and Gel Liner ($14.00) and a massive set of brushes.

“Is this real life?! Look how much stuff @sigmabeauty was so kind to send me. I had NO idea that so many different brushes even existed, but I know that I’m going to have a lot of fun trying them out! ;)”