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In This Moment at Rock on the Range 2012 – Day 1 at Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH on May 19, 2012

Celebrity: Maria Brink



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posted by Linda on January 31, 2015

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  1. To the person who posted before me, all i can say is Maria is an Inspiration to loads of different generations of today! Maria has it down to a T, she has Style, Looks, Charisma, energy etc, and is very passionate about her Music. So it is no wonder people want to be like her.

  2. My daughter Sam has been busy keeping her mind off Self Harming from being bullied at school by teaching herself special effects make-up & beauty! She wants to Do a take on Maria Brinks style on her song “Whore” as she loves this song so much. My Tattoist friend got us into the band as we are all metalheads in my house, and we class her as metal not pop! we have not lookedback since.

    Anyways i want to know where i can get a wig so she can do this! when she does she tends to hashtag the people who helped her to do this to bringing publicity to those deserved.

  3. My 16 year old daughter has been Self-teaching herself spfx make up, and she wants to immitate as close as possible to Maria Brink’s song” Whore”,

  4. Steal Maria’s style? That’s all so many pop star girls have been doing its bit funny! Man, give Maria a break! Even now, Taylor Swift is trying to be so much of Maria. She copied her stagings, outfit style, is trying to take over on Maria’s “blood” theme, even trying to have “blood girls” and now she wants Maria’s wonderland. I wish these poppy Twinkie girls would stop being Maria, they’ve left nothing for Maria herself to be!

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