Melanie Martinez wore her half black, half pink and purple hair in thick curls for her “Dollhouse” music video

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posted by Linda on February 10, 2014

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    • Her hair is actually not a wig. Every hairstyle she has had was her own. She dyes it. To get it, you’d have to use a pink color for the top of the right side and a purple for the bottom of the right side. For the left side, you’d probably have to use the closest color to jet black you could find. Her bow you could probably find anywhere to either online, amazon, online hair product stores, hair salons, Walmart, or a sally’s beauty supply shop. The hair cut you should get done by an experienced friend, family member, or at a salon. It is only a basic few-inches-past shoulder-length cut with straight across bangs. After that just crimp or curl it. I hope this really helped :) sorry if this disappointed you as I read you were looking for the “wig”.

      • actually all of her short hair styles were real, but every time she wears her hair long, it is a wig. she said so in an interview recently that shes been letting her natural hair take a break for months now and has been wearing custom wigs, otherwise one side of her head would be completely bald from so much bleaching.

    • But a second thought also is you could probably find a similar wig like this. Try amazon, salons, wig shops, or any online hair/wig stores. It wouldn’t look exactly like hers though because she has an ombre of 2 different colors on the left side which is hard to find on a wig. The best thought to complete this look and look pretty much exact would be to follow the first instructions. I also hope this helped too.

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