Katy Perry looks fierce with cropped hair in a leopard print suit as she leaves Craig’s with a friend in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday January 23, 2018.

Celebrity: Katy Perry



Hair Colors:

Highlight Colors:


posted by Cristina on March 4, 2018

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  1. Omg I love your hair Katy. I also keep my hair real short and I naturally have medium Brown hair but would always have the blonde highlights in my hair. Then a couple of years ago I had delvope breast cancer and went through a lot of chemo because of the type of cancer I had. I rocked not having hair but when it started coming back it came back salt and pepper color which was cool at first. But then it’s very hard to even keep it. But I also had my hair colored plattium and everyone loved it plus it was really short. So guess what I’m going back to it and I absolutely love, love the buzz look on you and I’m having the same done to me because I know I can wear the buzz look because when my hair was coming back it started as a buzz look and everyone loved it. So Katy you absolutely rock the new look and you look absolutely beautiful but you always was. So I just want to thank you for the inspiration that I’ll be able to rock it too…You go girl and keep up.the great work on your music. Your always been my favorite singer. I hope one day I’ll be able to make one of your concerts…Luv Ya!!

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