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Cree Cicchino at the Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards at USC Galen Center in Los Angeles, CA on March 11, 2017.

Celebrity: Cree Cicchino



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posted by Cristina on March 18, 2017

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  1. I love you Cree as one of my favorite actors and actress. You go Girl. Your beauty and fashion is beautiful thank you.

  2. I love you Cree as one of my favorite actors and actress you make me laugh a lot. and that is why you are the boss of Queens New York. Thanks for being a true hero to your fans you rock. You go Girl.your beauty is beautiful you rock. Cree you are my number one favorite actor of all time.

  3. I like your black long wavy black hair Cree it makes you look beautiful like a princess. and that i am a huge fan of your singing and acting you have a beautiful smile and singing voice so thank you. it would be nice if i got a chance to meet you you are a pretty cool acter and that you make me laugh at times so thank you and that you are a true hero to me.