Velvet Caviar Post

Posted by Nazaret on December 19, 2015
photo posted by Pia Mia on instagram

photo posted by Pia Mia on instagram

Pia Mia posted a picture a couple of days ago wearing a Missguided Longline Faux Fur Coat ($102.00), Levi’s Vintage Jeans ($245.00), a Velvet Caviar Gold Glitter Hear iPhone Case ($21.99), her Louis Vuitton Alma BB Damier Ebene Canvas Bag ($1,200.00) and Chanel Vintage Lace-Up Boots (Sold Out).

Posted by Linda on August 24, 2015
Allison Green: Disco Shorts, Leather Sneakers

photo posted by Allison Green on instagram

Allison Green appeared at the Cannabis Cup in Michigan on Saturday wearing a crop top version of the Advanced Nutrients Weed Wear Sensi Bloom Tee ($24.95), American Apparel Disco Shorts ($59.00), Louis Vuitton Move Up Sneaker Boots ($715.00), and a Velvet Caviar Light Gold Glitter iPhone Decal ($17.99) inside a clear shell.

Get the look for less with black disco shorts from Amazon ($11.99+) and faux leather high tops from Target ($27.99).