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Jenna McDougall

“Photo on the left is ratchet.. But this is my base colour! The reds help tone down the blue shades in green. (Thanks for your colour expertise @fiftyshadesof_shea) I use @manicpanicnyc ‘Green Envy’ and wash with @sukinskincare to preserve the colour. Ta da! Now you know.. ?”

Skye Sweetnam

“Always use Vaseline to cover ears neck and all the spots you don’t want to be stained by dye. I have a shirt I wear every time I dye to avoid staining my clothes. When I’m not bleaching, just touching up color, it doesn’t damage my hair, in fact it gives my hair a deep conditioning treatment. I love to mix my own colors to come up with original combinations”

Posted by Linda on September 13, 2011

Ash Costello

Ash Costello's twitter profile photo

New Years Day lead singer Ash Costello took to her twitter to answer fashion questions from her fans. She wrote: “♥I get asked a lot about my personal style, where I shop, hair dye, all that, so girl creeps, nows the time!20 questions,ask me & ill tell!♥”

I already got to ask Ash a whole bunch of my own questions when I interviewed her at Warped Tour in June, but I learned some new things from the twitterview like that she dyes her hair with Manic Panic’s “Raven” black and “Electric Lava” orange dyes and uses their “Vampyre’s Veil” compact. She’s also a fan of Urban Decay’s “Oil Slick” black eyeshadow.

Recently Ash has been talking about dying her hair a silvery white and posted inspiration photos on her tumblr, but she’s concerned about damaging her hair, which is naturally black. “It took me forever to grow it this long, I’d die if I wrecked it. We’ll see!,” she writes. Should she do it? I think it would look great on her with heavy black eyeshadow and red lips, but the damage is a legitimate concern, especially once she decides to change back to another color. Hair dye tends not to hold properly on hair once it’s been bleached, and I can tell you that from “why is this pink? It’s supposed to be red!” experience. I’m glad that mess is grown out!

read more of Ash’s twitter Q&A session below