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Mindy White: Red Bones Sweater ...

Wildfox Caveman Baggy Beach Jumper

photo from Mindy White's twitter

Mindy White is wearing the “Caveman” Baggy Beach Jumper from Wildfox Couture in Free Love Red, available at Dolls Kill, The Trend Boutique, or wildfoxcouture.com. This top has four cartoon-style bones stacked horizontally.

Mindy White: Comic Book Dress ...

Mindy White comic book dress

Mindy White photo by Joe Gomez

Mindy White is wearing Sick of Men Dress by Black Milk Clothing ($106.20). This bodycon dress has a print from a romance comic book.

Mindy White: Eagle Shredded Sweater ...

Wildfox White Label Eagle Lennon Sweater

photo from Mindy White's twitter

Mindy White is wearing the Wildfox White Label Eagle Lennon Sweater ($198.00). This oversized sweated has a ripped up hem and a graphic of a flying eagle carrying a “Wildfox” banner.

Mindy White: Galaxy Print Dress ...

Galaxy Print Dress Mindy White

Mindy White photoshoot by Joe Gomez

Galaxy printed leggings and dresses from Australian label Black Milk have become a huge hit in the blogosphere. The dresses come in five different outer-space prints, but Mindy is wearing the bright and colorful Galaxy Green Dress ($99.00 AUD). She pairs the fitted dress with a loose black blazer.

Mindy White: Glitter Heart Sweater ...

Mindy White and santa

photo from Mindy White's twitter

Mindy White is wearing the Red Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper from Wildfox Couture. Wildfox is a celebrity favorite, and this sweater has been also worn by Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Lopez. You can buy it for $107.00 at Boutique To You, $108 at Shopbop, $108 at Revolve Clothing, or $112 at The Trend Boutique.

Mindy White: White Studded Bag ...

Mindy White

Mindy White in Chicago - photo from her twitter

Mindy White is carrying the Studded Cross Bag ($50.99) from Virgin Blak which has round and square studs in a union jack pattern. She customized her leather bomber jacket herself by adding a glittery “M” initial patch.

Mindy White: Sequin Pants ...

States - Mindy White

left: States photoshoot, right: States live at Headliners in Toledo, OH on September 23, 2011 by Reva May for Buzznet (full set)

Mindy White’s favorite item in her wardrobe are these sequined skinny jeans from Siwy. In our interview, Mindy said that she owns them in blue, red, gold, and black; though I have not yet seen her wear the black or blue pairs. She says:

It’s very hard for my to find jeans that I love, and I found Siwy jeans. And they fit me so well that I was looking on the site to get some more jeans, and I saw that she had these sequined pants. And I was like “those would be so perfect for stage.” So I emailed them and I asked them what colors they had, and she told me all these colors, and I was like “I want them all!” I’ve never seen them anywhere else. I think she’s literally the only designer making them in different colors. That was a couple seasons ago, but I hope she keeps making more because I wanna keep rocking them.

Fashion Interview with Mindy White ...

Mindy White

Mindy White backstage at the Mohawk in Austin, TX on October 12, 2011

States singer Mindy White talks about her personal style, trends in the scene, stocking up on sequined pants for tour, her love of 50’s style, Forever 21 shopping, and more in this exclusive interview.

States just finished an opening stint for Circa Survive, and their debut album Room To Run comes out today. You can stream the whole album on AOL.


Choice Quotes:

“I like to look at what everybody else is wearing and wear the opposite.”

“Every single day I just wake up and depending on the mood that I’m in, that’s how I dress.”

“I think it’s so cool when you go to a show and someone’s wearing something that you’ve never seen before.”

read the full interview

Mindy White: Burgandy Denim Outfit ...

Mindy White modeling for PacSun

Mindy White is wearing the Insight Love Of Ivy Bodice Tank ($43.50), Bullhead Black Colored Leggings in Burgandy ($39.50), Dolce Vita Jaquie Wood Sandals ($88.50), and Black Poppy Little G Cross Body Bag in Black/Brown ($20.00), all available at PacSun. She also wears a green camouflage jacket over the top.

Mindy White: PacSun Lace Dress Outfit ...

Mindy White modeling for PacSun

Mindy White modeling for PacSun

Mindy White is wearing all PacSun items. Their website lists her dress as the Promises Promises V-Back Lace Dress ($28.50), but the lace print is totally different. Her dress looks more like the Star Vixen V-Back Lace New Dress ($24.50), thought the lining color is not the same. She is also wearing the With Love From CA Armor Stretch Ring ($9.50),  Black Poppy Little G Crossbody Bag ($24.50) and the MIA Quincy Cut Out Lace Wedges ($14.99).


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