Lights Style

Lights: Drop Dead Tank ...


LIGHTS live at The Studio, Hamilton Place - November 17, 2010 by da1andonlyvoldy

Drop Dead Clothing Brain Eater Vest Dress – $45.00 / £30.00 [exact]

also worn by Sierra Kusterbeck

LIGHTS: Brown Field Boots ...

Lights - Leeds Festival, August 2010

Lights at Leeds Festival, August 2010 by Justine Trickett

Urban Outfitters Wanted Field Boot in Brown – $68.00 [exact]


Lights: Indian Maiden T-Shirt ...

portrait by Jess Baumung

Wolf/Indian Maiden T-Shirt $12.95 [exact]

(you can order this as a scoop-neck tee, but I think Lights probably just cut the collar off)

Lights: Jaws T-Shirt ...

live at Warped Tour 2009 - by Catherine Powell

this was requested in the shoutbox by Lindsay. I can’t find the exact tee, this is the closest one I’ve found:
80s Tees Neon Jaws T-Shirt – $20

edit: her exact shirt was from Topshop, thanks Bissa.

Lights: All Black Studded Belt ...

Lights photoshoot

Forever 21 Rocker Nights Belt – $15.80 [exact]

Lights: Striped Strong Shoulder Dress ...

Lights in a magazine

Lights is wearing the Torn by Ronny Kobo ‘Adi’ Striped Cotton Strong Shoulder Dress, which can be purchased in a few stores:

Lights: Sheer Lace Tank ...

Lights live at the Underbelly by Derek Bremner - May 26, 2010

American Apparel Nylon Spandex Stretch Floral Lace Bodysuit – $34.00 [similar / possible exact]

Lights: Steal The Look #4 ...

Lights in a magazine

get Lights’ look with a white lace tank top and a high-waisted gray knit skirt:

Lights: 3 Cap Ring ...

Lights photoshoot

Valou Pure II 3 Cap Double Finger Ring – $125 [exact ?]

Lights: Young Artists For Haiti Tee ...

Lights on Much Music

Young Artists For Haiti Tee Girls Logo T-Shirt – $16.99 [exact]


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