Hayley Williams: Skull Print Scarf

Hayley Williams: Skull Print Scarf

Hayley Williams photo posted on Paramore’s tumblr

Hayley Williams has been a fan of skull print on everything for white a while, but skull print scarves have gone mainstream thanks to designer Alexander McQueen, whose chiffon skull print scarves in the $300 to $700 range have become a favorite of celebrities and fashionistas.

Hayley’s scarf is not a McQueen and I’m not sure where her exact scarf is from, but luckily there are tons of similar scarves available.  Hers seems to be a heavier material, so the Skull Scarf by Ganz ($17.95) looks like the closest match.  But if you’re going for price, you simply can’t beat eBay, where a skull scarf sells for $2.34 with free shipping!  More choices:



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