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Dua Lipa got this homemade stick-and-poke tattoo of an eye in her own kitchen in March 2017. It was done by Amy Bowerman who is the wife of Dua’s drummer William Bowerman. After sketching out multiple versions of the eye on paper,  Amy used a needle and ink to tattoo it onto Dua’s inside right ankle.

“@williambowerman has come over for dinner and as a house warming gift his wife is giving me a stick n poke tattoo,” Dua Lipa wrote on Twitter.  She said the “all seeing eye” is there to protect you.

Thanks @amylouisebowerman for my housewarming gift

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Stick n poke

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Countryside get up

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Louvre by night // by @pixielevinson

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When you have a show tonight but your shift at UPS just before

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posted by Linda on December 30, 2017

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