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Daniella Monet has a tattoo of a little V-shaped sprout on her right wrist to celebrate her vegan lifestyle. She also enjoys sharing vegan recipes on her blog. In a testimonial for Peta2, she explains:

At a young age I loved animals. And I knew at 5 — I went to a dude ranch with my family and I asked a lot of questions and I got answers that I probably needed to hear and it changed my opinion. That’s when I became vegetarian. Throughout those years I started eliminating cheese and eggs and dairy. By the time I was in my early teens I was a vegan, and didn’t really know it, it was so easy to make that transition. Just eating more of the foods that I enjoyed and felt best eating, which were veggies and more of a plant-based diet. It’s been a while now and I enjoy it.

In October 2015 she posted an instagram photo of a sprout that she drew on her wrist with a marker. “I think I just designed my next tattoo,” she wrote. In June 2016 she shared a picture of the actual tattoo and wrote “my new little sprout.”

Sooo freshhh. Who knew I'd become an oval nail girl? What shape do you wear your nails? ??✨#shiiigirlssay

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To the dude who made the magic that's in this cup. Cheers.☕️✨

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I think I just designed my next tattoo.

A photo posted by Daniella Monet (@daniellamonet) on

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posted by Linda on December 7, 2016

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