Marzia Bisognin got three tiny tattoos on her left arm during one session in July 2015: a tree branch on her upper arm, a letter “P” in a heart on her elbow, and the word “shy” on her forearm.

The “P” is for her dog Puga, a tan pug who belongs to Marzia and her boyfriend Felix aka PewDiePie. Puga’s real name is Maya, but it seems as though they call her by the nicknames Puga and Puga-chan most of the time. Both Marzia and Felix have made YouTube videos starring Puga, who has only one eye.

In an instagram post, she wrote: “It was extremely hard to get a picture with all 3 but I think I’ve managed to: the one on top is a minimal twig; the heart is on the side and has a “P” for Puga-can inside of it; the last one is on the back of the arm and reads “shy”, which is the more meaningful one, although they are all special to me. Please know that leaving rude comments won’t make me stop, as I explained many times tattoos are something I enjoy. :)”

Instagram / @itsmarziapie

Instagram / @itsmarziapie

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posted by Linda on July 29, 2015

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