Andrea Russett decided to recreate the Freya (left) and Ravenna (right) looks from the Huntsman War movie.
For Freya’s icy look she starts by priming the entire eyelids to make sure the shadows stays in place, then she applies a light almost white eyeshadow all over the lid and light brown shadow in the corner of the eye and underneath the eye. She goes on by applying a liquid highlighter with a silver tent in the inner area and all the way up to the brow bone and a little bit on the cheekbone.
For the Ravenna look she starts off with the primer again all over the lid and then take an eyeliner and put it on the top waterline and bottom waterline. She moves on by blending everything with a brownish maroonish eyeshadow color with a darker shade on the corner of the eye and then she applies a liquid highlighter in a gold tint on the lid. Once she put the gold shimmer all over her lid she applied more black eyeshadow and blended in the corner of the eye. At the end she used black mascara and for the lips a pink lip gloss with a little touch of gold shimmer and a coat of clear lip gloss on top.

Celebrity: Andrea Russett

Eyeshadow Colors:

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posted by Cristina on October 27, 2016

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