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Ash Costello

Ash Costello has a huge collection of Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18.00 each).  In her tutorial, she uses the brownish-red “Unicorn Blood” all over her lips and then adds a bit of black “Weirdo” in the corners, which she blends to create an ombre effect.

Jeffree Star Velour Lipsticks are my absolute favorite.  I can wear them during a show, I can wear them all day to Warped Tour, and they don’t come off.  It’s pretty amazing.

Ash Costello

Ash Costello does a smokey eyes makeup tutorial using Jeffree Star Cosmetics. For her eyes she first uses Urban Decay shadow primer, then she applies Jeffree Star Weirdo black lipstick on her eyes before moving on in applying and blending the black eyeshadow. She said this is a trick she does in order to obtain the perfect jet black eyeshadow she is looking for. She also used MAC black for her eyebrows, MAC blushes in Dame and Raizin, Ardell lashes, Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner and Jeffree Star lipstick.

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