Tour Tattoos

Ash Costello

Ash Costello and her New Years Day bandmates got matching noose tattoos to commemorate a tour that they did in 2016. She first revealed the fresh ink a Snapchat picture, which she captioned “gonna hang forever.” She further explained the significance in an interview with Louder Noise:

My favorite piece is what we all just got — it’s a tour tattoo. It’s a noose, and everyone on the tour got it because we’re all gonna hang out forever.


    Jahan Yousaf

    Jahan Yousaf’s “Krewlife” tattoo is a matching tattoo that she shares with her sister and fellow Krewella member Yasmine Yousaf and two members of Krewella’s crew. All of them got the tattoos together in October 2013. She tells Digital Tour Bus: “On our days off on tour we love to visit tattoo parlors.  We were in Urbana, Illionois and all three of us decided to get tattoos with our director Miles Evert and our tour manager David Carlson.”

      Yasmine Yousaf

      In October 2013 Yasmine got matching “Krewlife” tattoos with her sister and fellow Krewella member Jahan Yousaf, Krewella’s tour manager David Carlson, and their video director Miles Evert. Yasmine’s is on her right forearm.

        Cassadee Pope

        The blue and pink clouds connect Cassadee Pope’s forearm tattoos on the front side, but there is still some empty space between on the back of her arm. She added the clouds in October 2010, but has had the original bird and banner tattoo since August 2009. It says “BND” for the “Believers Never Die” tour on which her band Hey Monday opened for Fall Out Boy. (more…)

        Cassadee Pope

        In August 2009 Cassadee Pope got another bird with a banner reading “BND” on the opposite side of her arm from the first. “BND” stands for “Believers Never Die.” Cassadee got this tattoo after her band Hey Monday opened for Fall Out Boy on the Believers Never Die Tour Part Deux in April and May of 2009. (more…)

        Mindy White

        Mindy White daggum lip tattoo

        Mindy White’s first tattoo is of the word “daggum” on the inside of her bottom lip. “Daggum” is a word that Mindy uses in place of swearing. She explains:

        It’s like saying “dang” or “darn.” I don’t like profanity so I try not to use it. “Daggum it” is the same thing as saying “Dang it.” It’s a rather southern term.

        Mindy got this tattoo during Warped Tour 2006 to remind her of home. Inspired by a friend with “sushi” tattooed in her lip, Mindy first considered getting “barbecue” as a tribute to her Tennessee home. She instead decided on “daggum” to remind her of her parents.

        We were on Warped tour and this guy was giving out free tattoos. I have a friend that has “sushi” with arrows pointing down her throat, and I wanted to get “barbecue.” Which is funny, I’m glad I didn’t because now I’m vegetarian. So I was thinking “what can I get that reminds me of home?” and my parents always say “daggum,” like “dang it,” “daggum it.” So I got that.

        Sierra Kusterbeck

        Sierra has “TOUR 09” written vertically on the inside of her left foot, along with some other worn off tattoos. She gave this tattoo to herself while her band VersaEmerge was on the OP Tour with Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, The Maine, and A Rocket To The Moon in the fall of 2009.

        She added vampire fangs to her “tour” tattoo during the 2010 Warped Tour, at the same time she got the apple core tattoo on her ankle. She described this as her “party ankle.”

        Megan Massacre

        Megan Massacre got this tattoo on her thumb with her friends in the band Motionless In White. She appeared in their music video for “Creatures” and traveled with them on the 2011 Warped Tour. They all got these tattoos together in August 2011. The letters “W C” stand for “Wing Crew”

        She told Metal Hammer “I have this little symbol that actually comes from one of my best friends’ band, Motionless In White. They’re from the same place I’m from, so I’m really good friends with those guys. I tattooed all of them, so at the end of the tour, I got them to tattoo me! It looks like crap because none of them now how to tattoo, but I love it!”