Outer Space Tattoos

Vanessa Martinez (Simplynessa15)

Vanessa Martinez has a space inspired tattoo on her left forearm. This ink was the forth she did and it interconnects with a triangle form filled with crystals done at the same time.
The triangle represents femininity while the space reminds her of the fascination she has for space and her younger idea of becoming an astronaut. There she has the Sun and the Moon and her favorite planet – Saturn – also three small circles at the bottom, because “3” is an important number in the Universe.

Ellie Goulding

In April 2016, Ellie Goulding got this geometric design tattooed on her left side by Dr Woo, the same artist who did a similar piece on the opposite side of her ribcage. Dr Woo created this original piece of art based on inspiration photos that Ellie brought in to his studio. It is inspired by stars, planets and galaxies, but he took lots of artistic license to create a geometric piece that isn’t too literal.