Nickname Tattoos


Halsey has a tattoo on her right forearm which says “BRAT” in graffiti-style capital letters. She showed off the brand-new tattoo in a May 2017 instagram photo. In a message with a fan, she explained that she got the tattoo because her mom and dad call her a brat. A brat is a spoiled child and it’s usually an insult, but Halsey sees it as a term of endearment instead.

Fans have pointed out that the word “brat” means brother/sibling in many languages including Russian, Polish and Serbian but this doesn’t seem to be what Halsey intended.



SZA has a tattoo on her lower back which says “LANA” in gothic lettering. SZA’s full name is Solána Imani Rowe and Lana is one of her nicknames.

This was her first tattoo which she got when she was only 13 years old. She has mixed feelings about the tattoo, which is a symbol of her teenage rebellion. “Lol got my first tatt at 13… def semi regret it But still super into it?” she tweeted.

She references the tattoo on her song “Warm Winds ft Isaiah Rashad” where she sings “We were all thirteen once / Long live tramp stamps and Pepper Ann / You will never judge me for that / You will always love me for that”.

She also used a close-up photo of the tattoo as the cover art for her song “Sobriety.”


Miley Cyrus

In July 2015, Miley Cyrus got friendship tattoos with Katy Weaver. The pair had a few matching tattoos already, so this time they got their nicknames for each other. Miley got a tattoo on the back of her left upper arm which says “KATZ” as a play on Katy’s name. Katy’s tattoo is on her right forearm and has her pet name for Miley: “MEOWTZ.” Miley placed her tattoo close to her “BIEWTY” tattoo which is another nickname for another friend, Cheyne Thomas. Both tattoos have the same style of simple capital letters.

At some point Miley decided “KATZ” just wasn’t cutesy enough for her and added a “Y” to the end so that now it says “KATZY.”