Memorial Tattoos

Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli got a tattoo on the back of her left forearm in August 2018 depicting the face of a cherub statue.

The cross on the forehead of the cherub is a symbol of allegiance to God, inspired by several passages of the Christian Bible. When God wants to destroy the city of Judah in Ezekiel 9:4, God says to put a cross on the forehead of people who are saddened by the abominations committed there so that they will be spared. In Revelation 7:3 the angels put a seal on the foreheads of servants of God.

Statues of Christian figures never include a cross on the forehead, however there are many historical examples of vandalism by early Christians who carved crosses into ancient Greek and Roman statues to “Christianize” them.


Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale and her older sister Maggie got matching tattoos in memory of their late grandmother.  The sisters both inked “I love you” on their right forearm in their grandmother’s own handwriting.  Lucy showed off the matching tatts on her instagram and wrote:

Nothing says sisterly bonding more than permanently tattooing your body. After years of wanting our grandmothers writing, we did it! Our Grammy was our favorite person & now she’s even more a part of us. Also, my sister is a badass who raises two kids, teaches combat classes AND goes on tattoo runs with her baby sister. Also, ouch. This one hurt.

Lucy’s grandmother is still a major part of her life even after she passed away.  She attempted to connect with her grandma on an episode of E!’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry and said:

I definitely felt like I was with her today, but then again I always feel close to her…I definitely always feel her presence.

Me and my sister talk about it all the time that we wish she could be here to see what I’ve done.  I don’t think many people thought in my family that [my career] would be what it is, but I always think that she did.

This tattoo, which they got in July 2018, is actually the second tattoo that Lucy and her sister got together to honor their grandmother.  She already had a sun on her upper back.


Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann has a tattoo on the back of her right arm which says “Depression & Obsession,” inspired by the song of the same name by alternative rapper XXXTentacion.  She was a fan of his music and was saddened by his June 2018 murder.  This song in particular relates to her own emotions.  She has struggled with depression her whole life, has written a song of her own called “Obsessed,” and once tweeted his lyrics “depression and obsession don’t mix well.”


Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner tattooed a letter “G” on her right pinkie finger for her grandfather in July 2018. “For my grandad. My hero,” she wrote on instagram.  The delicate script initial was tattooed by artist Mr. K at Bang Bang tattoo parlor in New York City.

Her fiance Joe Jonas accompanied her and he got his own equally sentimental tattoo for his grandfather.  His tattoo on his arm is a postage stamp featuring a portrait of a young Jerry Miller along with his nickname “PaPa” and his date of birth “08 21 1940.”  Joe’s grandfather passed away in January 2014, at which time Joe wrote“The funniest guy in any room. The knowledge he had. The epic life he lived. Thank you for teaching me so much. I am going to miss you. One of my Heros. Rest in Piece Papa.”


Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus got the name “Constantine” tattooed on the back of her wrist in March 2018 in memory of her horse Constantine who died two years prior.  She tweeted a picture of herself riding the horse and wrote:

My best friend named Constantine who passed away 7.5.16 I’ll #AlwaysBeOnYourTeam buddy

Horseback riding is one of Noah’s favorite hobbies, and it’s something that makes her feel like her most authentic self.  She rode competitively when she was younger and dreamed of making a career out of it until she decided at 14 years old that she wanted to be a singer.  She told Access:

I love riding horses.  I still ride horses.  I just got a new horse actually a couple weeks ago because I missed riding horses so much that I needed it.  I’m gone so much that I felt that I was losing who I really was in a weird way.  And that’s who I am.  I grew up on a farm.  I love animals.  I love going home and being able to be a tomboy.  I have to dress up and put on this makeup every day, and I want to go get dirty in a barn and be a tomboy for a while.


Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli paid tribute to XXXTentacion by getting this “Numb” tattoo on her right forearm which matches one that the late rapper had on his face.  XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was murdered on June 18, 2018 at only 20 years old.  Danielle knew him personally and was devastated by his sudden death.  In a long instagram post, she wrote:

Yesterday I lost one someone very important to me. x was not only a close friend but he was a inspiration. He gave me the best advice and was always there for me when I needed him. Even when we would argue or he would call me yelling and mad or disappointed because I did some dumb shit he would always say “Ight I love you mamas” before he hung up. The feeling of him being gone kills me. He would always be one call away. And I hate the thought that when I’m in the need to talk to him when I’m upset he won’t be here to tell me everything’s gonna be okay. Bc of that dumb Trippie and 69 shit unfortunately the last call I had with x ended with me saying “i don’t ever wanna talk to you again” and nothing is killing me right now more than that. And the crazy thing is Sunday night I had the urge to call him and I forgot. Then yesterday afternoon I plugged my phone in in the car and randomly “sad” came on then my phone buzzed i looked down and I had got the message saying he passed away. I didn’t know what to say and my mind couldn’t process it. I just couldn’t believe he was gone and I still can’t #ripxxxtentacion

She got her tribute tattoo only a few days later and shared it on Snapchat with the caption “I love you forever.”  Technically, her tattoo says “Nunb” since a cursive letter m should have three arches, but she did this on purpose in order to stay true to X’s original ink.  XXXTentacion’s version of the design, which was below his right eye, was written in a way that was in between cursive and print.  The letters were joined together but looked like print letters, and his m had a straight line stem rather than a leading arch.

Danielle also included the three black dots that X had just below his “Numb” tattoo — even though she already had her own three dots tattoo on her finger.   XXXTentacion’s dots represented the chapters of his life.  He had three above each eyebrow and three below his right eye for a total of nine chapters.

His “Numb” tattoo represented a period of his life where he couldn’t feel anything.  He poured his heart out into his music and shared his many emotions — including numbness.  He wrote a song called “NUMB” for his 2018 album ? and another track “Let’s Pretend We’re Numb.”

We’ve got to imagine that Danielle is feeling pretty numb herself regarding his death.  The shooting has made her question the displays of bravado and toughness in today’s the rap scene.  In a video recorded by TMZ, she says:

It needs to be a wake up call to all these […people] who want to act all tough and hard.  And then when people really get a hold of them — It’s not funny anymore.  We lost X because of this, because people want to act all big and bad. […] This is real life.  This is not a fucking video game.


Erika Costell

Erika Costell has a tiny cross tattoo on her right rib cage. This tattoo is dedicated to her former manager Larry who passed away. She describes him as her “guardian angel” and told ModelHostess:

My old manager, Larry Murdock, is the reason I started modeling. When I was 16, he took me to a photo shoot (even though I never thought I could be a model) and ever since that day I fell in love with being behind the camera. He is now in heaven watching over me and my career, thank God for that man.