Matching Tattoos

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus got a broken heart tattoo with her boyfriend Lil Xan in August 2018. The tattoo seems to be a nod to their relationship, either personally or professionally. The pair have been collaborating on some music which will be released soon. Heartbreak and sadness are likely to be the themes of whatever they’re written together.

Lil Xan has two broken heart tattoos of his own which look just like Noah’s, although he had his first. He has one broken heart on his face beneath his mom’s name “Candy.” He later added the word “Soldier” underneath in honor of his song “Hearbreak Soldier” as well as the mixtape and tour of the same name. His second broken heart tattoo is on the back of his right hand along with the bible verse Romans 12:21 “do not be overcome by evil,” his birth year “96,” and “No Rulez” for the No Rulez Recording Studio where he recorded his parts of his debut album Total Xanarchy.

The couple went to the tattoo parlor together. Noah got her broken heart and three other small tattoos while Lil Xan got a huge “Xanarchy” tattoo on his arm.


LIGHTS Poxleitner

LIGHTS and several members of her crew got matching tattoos on March 5,2018 during her We Were Here Tour. Artist Scott Sonner inked them at Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo, NY during a day off in the middle of the tour.

She has tattoos for many of her albums, but had never gotten a tattoo specifically for a tour until this one. However this tour was especially meaningful. Following the final show on April 8th she wrote: “That’s a wrap on #WeWereHereTour holy shit the best tour of my life, I love you all more than I can explain. I love my crew and band and am so proud of the last two and half months!”

The red gas can tattoos are inspired by the “We Were Here” music video and issue #4 of the Skin&Earth comic book, which both tell the same story. LIGHTS’ character Enaia Jin carries around a gas can from out of a gas station convenience store and eventually uses it to light a truck on fire. The gas can in their tattoo is embellished with the logo for LIGHTS’ Skin&Earth album. This exact design appears on the We Were Here tour t-shirts. Interestingly, the gas can in the video and comic has a different logo featuring a bird and an oil rig.


    China Anne McClain

    China McClain and all of the pirate squad actors and dancers from ‘Descendants 2’ got different-sized anchor tattoos together once filming wrapped, so she has a piece of her time as Uma (her character on the movie) with her forever, something that will last a lifetime, like her bonds with Thomas and Dylan, her right-hand men in the movie.

    “We all got very close during the film. Like this little tattoo I have here, they have them too. When you get a cast that you really connect to, it’s a special thing because to be honest, not all casts are like that, and sometimes we don’t get so lucky. So being able to work with them and then hang out with them after set every day was so, so great.”, China said in an interview for J-14.
    “Thomas is awesome, he’s like crazy. He runs around the set with so much energy. So that always boosted my energy. And Dylan is just the sweetest person you’ll ever meet in your entire life.”

    The event was also captured on social media: “Got matching tatts with my pirates⚓️ photos of all of them are coming soon!” – China caption her Instagram photo featuring a close up of her ink.


    Noah Cyrus

    In August 2018, Noah Cyrus got matching lip tattoos with her friend Lucas Machado, who is a model. The chose the word “Reh” which is something that they like to say to each other. It seems to be their version of “rawr.”

    The tattoos were an impulsive decision. They were hanging out with another model Caleb Cechota, who had just gotten a scorpion on his arm earlier that day, when they decided to get some ink of their own. “Lucas and I just decided we’re going to get tatted,” Noah said on her instagram story while laughing. “Oh my god, this is my life, all the time — more tattoos!” She had over 20 tattoos already but this was the first for him.


    Erika Costell

    Erika Costell and her boyfriend/husband Jake Paul got matching “GOAT” tattoos in January 2018. The YouTube power couple known as “Jerika” both got the word written in capital letters that are stacked vertically. She placed her tiny inking on her left forearm while he incorporated his much larger “GOAT” tattoo into a growing collection of intersecting words on his left thigh. They joked that Erika is a goat, as in the animal, while Jake is the GOAT, an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.

    Goats are Erika’s favorite animal and have been since she was a child. She previously had the word “goat” tattooed inside her lip, though lip tattoos are known to wear off so it might be very faded by now. She explained that her goat obsession all dates back to one special pet:

    Why am I obsessed with goats? When I was 12 years old or so I had a pet goat. I loved this goat so much. His name was Twinklebuddy. I also had a couple other weird animals with weird names, but Twinklebuddy was my favorite and he actually died unexpectedly. I’ve been obsessed with goats my entire life. I don’t know where it came from — well I know it came from Twinklebuddy but it’s stayed with me all the way til right now. So that’s the reasoning behind everything goat. It also means Greatest Of All Time.



      Anne-Marie and fellow singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran got matching “Mug” tattoos while on tour together in July 2018. She is an opening act on his ÷ stadium tour, putting her in front of much larger audiences than she’s used to. It’s been helping her to get more comfortable performing and to expose her music to his huge global fanbase.

      They’ve been friends for almost 10 years and going on tour together has given them a lot of downtime to hang out. She told Standard:

      “I think it’s a little bit different because we’re friends anyway, we make more time for each other just because we’re friends. I think when it comes to the UK tour it was harder for us because we have friends and family coming and we want to make time to see them so we don’t get to see each other much. But when it comes to Europe and America we spend a lot more time together.”

      “Mug” is a nickname that they call each other.  She got the tattoo on the back of her left arm in his handwriting, posting on her instagram “1 guess what mug wrote this.”

      Ed Sheeran’s “Mug” tattoo is on the inside of his right elbow, just above his Irish flag shamrock.

      They were inked by artist Tobias Tietchen at his Hamburg, Germany tattoo studio Atelier Tietchen before their concert in Hamburg on July 25, 2018.


      Faith Evans

      Faith Evans got a new tattoo in July 2018 following her wedding to fellow R&B singer and producer Steven Aaron Jordan aka Stevie J. The couple were wed in their Las Vegas hotel room on July 17, 2018 and they wasted no time getting the relationship sealed on their skin, showing off their matching tattoos on instagram only a week later.

      Both Faith and Stevie got their wedding date in Roman numerals on the tops of their shoulders — VII•XVII•MMXVIII for July 17, 2018. Stevie also tattooed her initials in front of his ear — FRJ for her new married name Faith Renée Jordan.

      Although the marriage was an impulsive decision, it’s been decades in the making. Their professional relationship dates back to the mid-90’s, when Faith was signed to Bad Boy Records and Stevie J was one of the label’s in-house producers. “We’ve loved each other for years, been great friends for years, and obviously developed a romantic connection,” she told Acton Entertainment.

      They also collaborated on a new song called “A Minute” complete with a steamy music video that was coincidentally released shortly after the wedding. “We had already had the dates that we were going to put the song out before we decided to go and elope to Vegas and get married….So it’s actually good timing now, but it wasn’t really planned that way. The single was gonna come out regardless.”