Mindy White’s Tattoos

Mindy White’s first tattoo is of the word “daggum” on the inside of her bottom lip. “Daggum” is a word that Mindy uses in place of swearing. She explains:

It’s like saying “dang” or “darn.” I don’t like profanity so I try not to use it. “Daggum it” is the same thing as saying “Dang it.” It’s a rather southern term.

Mindy got this tattoo during Warped Tour 2006 to remind her of home. Inspired by a friend with “sushi” tattooed in her lip, Mindy first considered getting “barbecue” as a tribute to her Tennessee home. She instead decided on “daggum” to remind her of her parents.

We were on Warped tour and this guy was giving out free tattoos. I have a friend that has “sushi” with arrows pointing down her throat, and I wanted to get “barbecue.” Which is funny, I’m glad I didn’t because now I’m vegetarian. So I was thinking “what can I get that reminds me of home?” and my parents always say “daggum,” like “dang it,” “daggum it.” So I got that.

Mindy White daggum lip tattoo

Mindy White's "daggum" lip tattoo

Mindy’s second tattoo is a key behind her ear done by Nashville, TN tattoo artist Ian White. It is a skeleton key in the style of Alice In Wonderland and it is symbolic because skeleton keys can open all doors.

Mindy White's skeleton key tattoo behind her ear

Mindy White's skeleton key tattoo behind her ear

sources: my interview with Mindy White, Mindy White Q&A, Hell Yeah Mindy Maygan FAQ, Mindy’s tumblr, kaylalongglasses on Flickr

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Because “daggum” is the correct spelling.

  2. Madi says:


    It may be spelled like that, but Southern people pronouce it “daggum”. Idiot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LMAO, it’s “dadgum” not “daggum”. Idiot.

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