Mindy White’s Tattoos

Mindy White’s first tattoo is of the word “daggum” on the inside of her bottom lip. “Daggum” is a word that Mindy uses in place of swearing. She explains:

It’s like saying “dang” or “darn.” I don’t like profanity so I try not to use it. “Daggum it” is the same thing as saying “Dang it.” It’s a rather southern term.

Mindy got this tattoo during Warped Tour 2006 to remind her of home. Inspired by a friend with “sushi” tattooed in her lip, Mindy first considered getting “barbecue” as a tribute to her Tennessee home. She instead decided on “daggum” to remind her of her parents.

We were on Warped tour and this guy was giving out free tattoos. I have a friend that has “sushi” with arrows pointing down her throat, and I wanted to get “barbecue.” Which is funny, I’m glad I didn’t because now I’m vegetarian. So I was thinking “what can I get that reminds me of home?” and my parents always say “daggum,” like “dang it,” “daggum it.” So I got that.

Mindy White daggum lip tattoo

Mindy’s second tattoo is a key behind her ear done by Nashville, TN tattoo artist Ian White. It is a skeleton key in the style of Alice In Wonderland and it is symbolic because skeleton keys can open all doors.

Mindy White's skeleton key tattoo behind her ear

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