Melissa Marie Green’s Tattoos

Millionaires singer Melissa Marie Green is working on a full sleeve on her right arm and has other smaller tattoos scattered all over her body. She is also an aspiring tattoo artist and has done a few of her own tattoos.

Sleeve Tattoos

Melissa Marie Green AMG arm tattoo

The first piece of Melissa Marie Green’s sleeve tattoo was this tattoo on her elbow of her sister Allison Maria Green’s initials “AMG,” done by Jesse Mora in June 2013.

Melissa Marie Green queen arm tattoo

Melissa added the first large piece to sleeve in August 2013, though she didn’t have it colored until much later. It’s a queen of hearts playing card with a rose at the bottom, outlined by Jesse Mora. She writes: “started outlining my sleeve. my take on “all hail the heartbreaker.” so many meanings behind this tattoo, you have no idea. I love it. thanks @tat2jesse.” Mikey Tedesco touched up the tattoo and did all of the coloring in January and February 2014.

Melissa Marie Green flamingo arm tattoo

Melissa had another outline added to her sleeve by Jesse Mora in August 2013, this time of a pair of flamingos on her forearm. Mikey Tedesco filled in the colors in May 2014.

Melissa Marie Green martini arm tattoo

Melissa switched tattoo artists for the “Like Mother Like Daughter” martini glass tattoo on the inside of her upper right arm, her first full-color tattoo. Tony Linville of GoodFellas Tattoo did this piece in September 2013.

Melissa Marie Green dollar sign arm tattoo

Artist Mikey Tedesco added a few pieces to Melissa Marie Green’s sleeve during a two-day session in December 2013. On her forearm he tattooed a green dollar sign with the word “BO$$” in a banner across it.

Melissa Marie Green home palm tree arm tattoo

Melissa commemorated her hometown of Huntington Beach California with this tattoo of a palm tree, ocean pier, and the word “Home” on her elbow, which was done by artist Mikey Tedesco in December 2013.

Melissa Marie Green diamond wrist tattoo

Mikey Tedesco also added this blue shaded diamond tattoo to Melissa’s right wrist.

Melissa Marie Green 13 XOXO wrist tattoo

She got “13” an “XOXO” on the side of her wrist at the same time.

Melissa Marie Green flower arm tattoo

Melissa filled in an empty space in her sleeve with this red flower with green leaves between her flamingo and “AMG” tattoos, done by Mikey Tedesco in December 2013.

Melissa Marie Green candy hearts arm tattoo

In May 2014, Melissa added two candy conversation hearts on her elbow. The blue heart has the initials “J.P.S.” for her boyfriend Joshua P Schlienz and the pink heart says “XOXO” for hugs and kisses.

Hand Tattoos

Melissa Marie Green UV knuckle tattoos

In March 2012 Melissa tattooed her knuckles on one hand with ultraviolet ink, only visible under UV light. The symbols are: the “LV” symbol of luxury brand Louis Vuitton, a heart, a letter “A” (probably for her sister Allison), and a dollar sign.

Melissa Marie Green Cash Only finger tattoo

Melissa Marie Green got “Cash Only” tattooed across the insides of her fingers in June 2013. She had fake tattoos in the same location for the cover of Millionaires’ Cash Only EP. Melissa traded tattoos with artist Jesse Mora and gave him a tattoo on his hand.

Melissa Marie Green Always hand tattoo

Melissa Marie Green had a tattoo of the word “Always” done on the palm of her right hand in August 2013 by artist Jesse Mora. She explains: “my new #handtattoo that you all spotted. #favoriteword. the meaning – fuck “promise” because everyone breaks promises. “always” is the real forever.”

Melissa Marie Green Make Money finger tattoo

Melissa gave herself this “Make Money” tattoo on her index and ring fingers on her left hand.

Melissa Marie Green heart finger tattoo

Melissa and her boyfriend Oscar Wylde got matching red heart tattoos on the insides of their ring fingers in November 2013.

Leg Tattoos

Melissa Marie Green I Do What I Want thigh tattoo

Melissa has the saying “I do what I want” tattooed on her left thigh. It describes her philosophy on life and is also a reference to the Millionaires lyrics “I do what I want, middle finger in the air, gonna party party party like a millionaire” from the song “Party Like A Millionaire.” She did the tattoo on herself in July 2013.

Melissa Marie Green Dollar Signs thigh tattoo
Melissa got the words “Dollar Signs” tattooed in large letters across the backs of both thighs in March 2014.

Other Tattoos

Melissa Marie Green rose neck tattoo

Melissa Marie Green got a large pink and red rose with leaves tattooed on the side of her neck by artist Mikey Tedesco in August 2014.

Melissa Marie Green I Heart Money lip tattoo
Melissa Marie Green’s first tattoo was “I ♥ $” (I Love Money) on the inside of her lip. She got this tattoo in the summer of 2009 while Millionaires were on Warped Tour.

Because lip tattoos wear off easily, Melissa had this tattoo retouched in January 2011 while her sister Allison Green was getting her first tattoo (see Allison’s tattoos). Watch a video of them getting lip tattoos here.

Melissa Marie Green Homesick foot tattoo

In May and June 2013 Melissa Marie Green got three tattoos by different artists in quick succession. The first was this tattoo on her her right foot of the word “Homesick,” done by artist Marcos Ortega at Careless Tattoo in Berlin, Germany in May 2013 while Millionaires were on tour.

Melissa Marie Green Business Never Quits shoulder tattoo

In June 2013 she got “Business Never Quits” on the right side of her back. Business Never Quits is a slogan often used by the Millionaires and Allison has it tattooed on her foot. It was done by artist Jared “Tattooface” Wright at Dreams In Ink Tattoo in Moreno Valley, CA.

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  1. No offense to them but those are some butt ugly tattoos. Boss?? seriously .. it seems so pretentious. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t judge any of them. I just don’t like the tattoos they decided to get. I mean imagine being 60 with “Bo$$” tattooed on you. LOL

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