Ash Costello’s Tattoos

New Years Day lead singer Ash (Ashley) Costello is working towards a full sleeve on her right arm. So far she has 9 tattoos currently on her arm as well as 4 on her hands and matching broken hearts behind her ears. She says that she’ll stop getting tattoos once her arm is done.

Right Arm Sleeve

Ash Costello crow tattoo

bird tattoos quote tattoos literature tattoos

Ash’s largest tattoo is the large crow on the inside of her right arm which was done in May 2011 by Baba Austin.

It says “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt,” which is from one of my favorite books of all time, Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Before this one I would have said that tattoos don’t hurt, I really like the feeling, but this one hurt so bad. I don’t know if I’m like turning into a pansy. A good friend of mine Baba came up to me and offered me a free tattoo for Warped Tour. It’s like the biggest thing ever. I know this doesn’t make sense but I didn’t realize it was so big when he free-handed it, and then he started going and I was like “oh wow, I just ended up with half a sleeve and I don’t even know how.”

Ash Costello flower shoulder tattoo

flower tattoos shoulder tattoos grayscale tattoos

She has a grayscale flower on her right shoulder

Ash Costello your love carries on tattoo

banner tattoos vine tattoos upper arm tattoos

The banner on her upper right arm reads ‘Your Love Carries On’

Ash Costello mickey arm tattoo

Mickey Mouse tattoos name tattoos mom tattoos

In July 2010 Ash got this tattoo above her right elbow of Mickey Mouse with her mother’s name ‘Sandra D’

Mickey of course! Old-school pie eyes & my mom’s name, Sandra D. Innocent & virtuous, she raised me right.

Ash Costello music note tattoo

music note tattoos elbow tattoos

Ash used to have a music note on the inside of her right elbow, but it has since been covered by the crow.

Ash Costello ohm elbom tattoo

om tattoos meditation tattoos

There was an Ohm symbol on her right elbow which she covered with her pumpkin tattoo

Ash Costello pumpkin elbow tattoo

cover-up tattoos pumpkin tattoos

Artist Shaun Kama covered Ash’s ohm tattoo with a colorful orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin in October 2013. Halloween in her favorite holiday and she likes dressing up like it’s Halloween everyday.

Ash Costello Cursive The Ugly Organ tattoo

piano tattoos music tattoos

The crooked piano keys on Ash’s forearm come for the artwork of Cursive’s album The Ugly Organ, an album which she says “changed the way I wrote music.” She got this tattoo in July 2010.

Ash Costello Believe Disney wrist tattoo

Disney tattoos friendship tattoos believe tattoos

In August 2010, Ash got a tattoo on the side of her wrist which says ‘Believe’ in Disney font. Her best friend has a matching tattoo on her ankle.

Ash Costello Caviar wrist tattoo

wrist tattoos script tattoos writing tattoos

Ash has the word ‘Caviar’ written in cursive on the inside of her right wrist

Ash Costello razor wrist tattoo

razor tattoos roman numeral tattoos survival tattoos

The razorblade tattoo on Ash’s wrist represents her struggles with depression and everything that she has overcome. She writes:

My Friday the 13th tattoo with the @nydrock boys. To remind me…..I have survived the worst times, the fucking worst, but I pushed through it and now I’m enjoying the best times with my best friends.

She got this tattoo on Friday September 13, 2013 so she has the Roman Numeral for 13 (XIII) written inside it.

Ash Costello Love Kills wrist tattoo

love tattoos red ink tattoos

In February 2014, artist Danny Anchor added the words “Love Kills” in red ink to match the blood on her razor wrist tattoo.

Hand Tattoos

Ash Costello dead hand tattoo

death tattoos back of hand tattoos

Ash got the word “Dead” tattooed on the back of her hand in February 2014 by artist Danny Anchor. She loves zombies and vampires and often refers to herself as a “Living Dead Girl.”

Ash Costello Misfits skull tattoo

skull tattoos music tattoos knuckle tattoos

Ash has a skull tattoo on her right thumb which is the logo for the band Misfits. She writes: “Too much horror business, driving late at night. Friday the 13th tattoo #themisfits with @danny_anchor”. Artist Danny Anchor did the tattoo in December 2013.

Ash Costello heart tattoo

matching tattoos boyfriend tattoos hand tattoos

Ash has a broken heart on her right hand with the words “I wished for you.” Ash’s boyfriend Nikki Misery has the other half, and when they hold hands the two halves connect.

Ash Costello Harry Potter finger tattoo

Harry Potter tattoos lightning bolt tattoos finger tattoos

Ash is a fan of the Harry Potter book series and got this tattoo of Harry’s lightning bolt scar on her left index finger in July 2010.

Ash Costello mickey finger tattoo

Mickey Mouse tattoos Disney tattoos

In November 2009, Ash got a “hidden” Mickey Mouse tattoo on her right index finger which is a matching tattoo with her friends Sheena and Brooke. Ash is a huge fan of Disney and frequently visits Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

My family is a big Disneyland family. My great grandma, my great uncle, they all worked at Disneyland. My great uncle Eddie worked alongside Walt Disney developing the art form. My grandma was a can-can dancer. My mom worked there for a little bit, I worked there for a little bit. I just love it. I grew up like walking distance down the street. My family and I used to go to Disneyland like 3 times a week. I remember times when my mom would pull me out of school to go. So it just reminds me of being really happy at that time in my life. I can’t let it go

Other Tattoos

Ash Costello broken heart behind ear tattoo

broken heart tattoos heart tattoos behind ear tattoos

Ash has little red broken heart tattoos behind both of her ears. She got them on a whim some time around 2008.

I got these on tour. We were playing at this club in Colorado called the Black Sheep. I was bored and there was a tattoo parlor next door, so I walked in and I said “I’m in a band, I’m not from here, if anyone want to tattoo me for free, have at it.” And a guy volunteered.

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  1. She has her hand completely done now, a man on the leg and “blow me up” written next the crooked piano.
    Also she has got the malevolence logo
    And some kind of star or spiderweb behind her ears

  2. I am not interested in tattoo printing but after seeing these picks of tattoos I have come to know that why lots of people interested in it… It look so attractive.. i will try this very soon.

  3. Mickey Mouse obsession alert! LOL I like the Mickey Mouse on her finger, the Believe on her wrist & the HP lightning scar. The note is not so bad too. But I really don’T get the Caviar one.

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