Julia Michaels has a light bulb tattoo on her right forearm as a symbol of inspirational thoughts. She and tattoo artist London Reese struggled with how to visually represent the sub-conscious mind. Their brainstorming resulted in this unique design of a light bulb containing stars and planets. She told 92.3 AMP Radio:

     The light bulb of course is kind of like the bubble for ideas. And I was like ‘How do we embody the sub-conscious?’ Because a lot of the times when I write, a lot of times I don’t know where it comes from. It’s just like a weird, out of body experience. I will be talking to somebody and then all of a sudden — there’s a song. And I can’t really explain it. So I was talking to London, my tattoo artist, and we were like ‘How can we embody that feeling?’ And we came up with the universe in a light bulb.

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