Ariel Winter has a tattoo on the inside of right wrist of the spade symbol from a deck of cards. The inking is a tribute to her maternal grandmother Helen G. Batistas, who taught her how to play poker.

“I have a spade on my wrist because I love playing cards, like more than anything, it’s my favorite thing to do.” Ariel told ET. “I’ve been playing poker since I was six years old. My grandmother actually taught me when I was young, so I have a spade for her.”

Ariel has had a complicated relationship with her mother Chrisoula, whom she has accused of both verbal and physical abuse, so her relationship with her grandmother was extra special. E! News reports that Ariel’s older sister Shanelle, who would eventually become Ariel’s legal guardian, was removed from her mother’s home temporarily at the age of 12 and placed in the care of their grandmother.

Helen passed away from a massive stroke at the age of 72 in August 2010. However Ariel still holds a special place in her heart for her. “Yiayia we’ve missed you everyday since you left us in 2010. We love you so much.” she tweeted in 2015.

The timeline for this tattoo is a bit confusing. Ariel posted videos on her Snapchat while getting the tattoo done by artist Dr Woo on November 17, 2016, but she had previously talked about the tattoo in an October 2016 interview with ET. Our best guess is that she got the tattoo done at an earlier date and then had it retouched by Dr Woo in November.

Whenever it was first done, we know that she had thought about getting a memorial tattoo for years beforehand. Back in October 2012, Ariel posted a picture on her instagram of a temporary tattoo that she drew with a marker of her grandmother’s nickname “yiayia” and her date of death.

🎂 #tb

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In sharpie. I miss my grandmother so much. Love her. ❤ R.I.P yiayia 😔

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  1. This is the first time I see the tatoo as playing card symbol. I really want to have a tatoo at heart symbol in the playing card. Can you give me any suggestion?

  2. Yiayia isn’t a nickname. It’s Greek for Grandma. Her grandmother was Greek… Hence the tattoo in Greek text. You could have also found out she was Greek by going to get Wikipedia page. Do a bit of research next time

    • Very true. My ex wife had such a tattoo. Me did I know until 6 years into our marriage that she was getting her … Anyway in the past.

    • Not really. That would be the “Queen of Spades” rather than a plain spade symbol. It would mean she is a woman who prefers black men for sexual encounters or relationships.

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