Shamrock Social Club Tattoos

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose paid tribute to the FX animated comedy television series Archer with this tattoo on the right side of her stomach.  On November 18, 2013 she tweeted about her plans for the tattoo, writing “I love Lorde and Sterling Archer. Forever and ever. Need to get an Archer tattoo, weird If I got a 16 year old lorde tattoo tho.#boundaries” One day later she took the plunge and visited the famous Los Angeles tattoo parlor Shamrock Social Club where artist Louie Perez put her idea into ink.  The tattoo depicts the show’s title character Sterling Archer with his arm outstretched holding a gun.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of a fish on her upper arm from artist Dr Woo in February 2015.  It is a tribute to Miley’s pet blowfish who passed away. She has a history of commemorating her pets through both her music and tattoos. She wrote a song “Pablow the Blowfish” for her digital album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz which was released in August 2015, a few months after the tattoo.



In January 2012, Rihanna got “Thug Life” tattooed across her knuckles as a tribute to legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.  The tattoo was done by artist Mark Mahoney with semi-permanent white ink. Rihanna showed off the new tattoo in a picture on her Twitter.  It can be seen faintly in a few photos from the following weeks, but after that it disappeared completely.


Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale and her five fellow “liars” on the TV show Pretty Little Liars all got matching tattoos after they finished filing the final episode on October 28th 2016. Each girl got the first initial of the character placed on their index finger because of the shush in the opening credits, which was done exclusively by Lucy until the final season, where all of the girls took turns. Lucy’s tattoo is an “a.” for Aria Montgomery.

On her instagram she wrote “This happened. Thank you @shamrocksocialclub for taking care of us. We couldn’t not get tattoos to commemorate the show! And obviously on our “shh” finger 😏” (more…)

Shay Mitchell

The six leading cast members from the TV show Pretty Little Liars celebrated their final day of filming on October 28th 2016 by getting matching tattoos of their characters’ initials. They chose their index fingers for the matching ink because of the shhhh that they all make in PLL’s opening credits to show that they are hiding secrets. Shay Mitchell got a lowercase “e.” for her character’s name Emily Fields.

In a snapchat video, Ashley Benson asks if she’s scared to get the tattoo, to which she responded “Yeah I am.  It’s exposed.  I have one [tattoo] and it’s white.” Shay’s white ink infinity wrist tattoo is barely noticeable, making this her first “real” tattoo.  Ashley on the other hand has lots of tiny tattoos.


Sasha Pieterse

After filming the final episode of Pretty Little Liars on October 28th 2016, six of the leading cast members got matching finger tattoos of their characters’ initials. Sasha Pieterse got an “a.” for her character Alison DiLaurentis. Alison was believed to be dead in the beginning of the series and appeared only in flashbacks for the first few seasons, however her character joined the crew of “liars” once it was revealed that she had faked her own death.

Sasha shared a photo of all six tattoos with the caption “Such a special moment. Love you guys ❤️”. In another post about the final day of filming, she elaborated further on what the show has meant to her life:

“I’ve never felt so many emotions at once. I love every single one of my cast and crew. Pretty Little Liars has been a big portion of my identity for the past 7 years and apart of me will always be there. On those stages. Thank you all for all of the love you have shown me, you’re the reason we went to work every single day, and it was worth every second. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. And with my whole heart I love you ❤️ you guys have an incredible 10 episodes to watch next year, I can’t wait for you to see them. Thank you @lucyhale @sleepinthegardn @itsashbenzo @shaym for creating our sisterhood.”

“I can’t believe that the day has come. In a couple of hours I’ll be going to work for the last time at my second home. Although this day will be filled with happy and sad tears, I’ll be forever grateful to share them with the ones I’ve come to call family. #pllfamily”

Troian Bellisario

Troian Bellisario got this letter “S.” tattoo on her finger as part of a matching tattoo session with five of her Pretty Little Liars cast-mates to commemorate their time on the show.  After finishing their final episode on October 28th 2016 — which also happens to be Troian’s birthday — they headed over to Shamrock Social Club and got matching tattoos in the wee hours of the morning.  Each girl got their character’s initial on their shushing finger.  Troian’s is an “S.” for Spencer Hastings.

Janel Parrish

Janel Parrish is the most tattooed member of the Pretty Little Liars cast, and she went with five of her cast-mates to get matching tattoos following the final day of filming on October 28th 2016. Each of the “liars” got the first letter of their character’s name, with Janel’s being a capital “M.” for Mona Vanderwaal. All had the tattoos placed on their right index finger because of the shushing motion that they make in the introduction to the show.

“We got the Shhhhhhh immortalized. #pllforever” she wrote on her instagram. “PLL immortalized. I love you girls. Thank you.” (more…)

Ashley Benson

All six of the “liars” on the television show Pretty Little Liars (including Mona) got matching tattoos after they finished filming their final episode on October 28th 2016. They wanted to immortalize their roles on the show, so they each got their characters’ initial tattooed on their index finger so that the tattoo shows when they make the shush motion that they made in the opening credits of the show. Ashley Benson has a letter “H.” for Hanna Marin. (more…)