Vines Tattoos

Martine McCutcheon

Martine McCutcheon has a beautiful artwork tattoo on top of her right foot which includes the words “Raven Rose,” teal stars, a red rose, and swirling vines up her ankle.

After getting her tattoo on December 31, 2011 she tweeted “Just been to studio IX in Manchester and had an amazing tattoo on my foot as a treat. I love it! So cool! Its my 3rd #Imayhaveaproblem.” A few days later she replied to the parlor, writing “The Tattoo is gorgeous thank u… Healing nicely… Feel like the little rock chick I was meant to be!”


Beth Lucas

Acoustic artist Beth Lucas from Brisbane, Australia has been adding to her collection of colourful body art consistently over the last six years. What started out as a little rebellious inking has turned into a fully fledged artistic journey and Beth’s not about to stop anytime soon.

Beth has one full sleeve (right arm) that is made up of roses/vines and other traditional inspired pieces, such as a snake, dagger, locket with keys and ribbons, and a small bird cage on the inside.

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele has a pair of lovebirds tattooed on her upper right arm with the words “Hopeful Romantic.”

In a blog post she wrote: “I have the words ‘Hopeful Romantic’ tattooed at the top of my shoulder blades (I don’t talk much about my tats but I have a point). There are two love birds underneath them. Maybe my idea of romance doesn’t always involve a boy. Romance is the life I live. Daring to imagine that everyday is purposed and full of meaning. There’s a great story being told at the end of every road. Everyone has beauty somewhere if you just look for it. I’m a little naïve. It’s true. But I’m in love. All day long. Constantly dreaming. Constantly believing and always experiencing ‘Love Moments’ like this.”