Tooth Tattoos

Miley Cyrus

This tattoo of a tooth on Miley Cyrus’s right elbow is one of many matching tattoos which she shares with The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend Katy Weaver, who are two of Miley’s closest friends.  All three got their tattoo in April 2015 but each on different body parts.

Wayne’s version of the tattoo is on the top of his foot and has a letter “K” in the center which is presumably for Katy.  It’s placed next to a tattoo of Miley’s “MC” smiley face logo.  Katy’s is on the back of her upper left arm.


    Hanna Beth Merjos

    The knuckle tattoos on Hanna Beth Merjos’ right hand are:

    • A cupcake on her pinkie finger, done in October 2008, which is a matching tattoo with her friend Lauren.
    • A “holy tooth” on her middle finger, done in May 2009.
    • “Miss” across her knuckles for her nickname “Miss Hanna Beth,” done in January 2011.