Swirl Tattoos

Ash Costello

Ash Costello completed her hand tattoo in April 2015. She got “1031” on her knuckles to represent October 31st.  Halloween is her favorite holiday, but it’s really become more of a lifestyle for her. Artist Ryan Ashley Malarkey also added swirls all around Ash’s existing “Dead” tattoo, connecting the swirls to the new numbers with teardrop-shaped beads.


Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has many tattoos layered on her back. Artist Paul Nguyen snapped this picture in February 2015 before he covered this design with his own work. It seems that she started out with a heavy black tribal “tramp stamp” design on her lower back and Chinese writing down her spine. These were covered by the swirls and petals show here. Then the entire design was covered again by a lotus flower.