Sun Tattoos


Woah Vicky has an uplifting Christian tattoo on the inside of her right elbow.  Four minimalist red ink symbols – a sun, waves, mountains, and a cross – represent the lyrics “There is hope, should oceans rise and mountains fall, He’ll never fail” from Hillsong United’s song “Take Heart.” Artist Noel Shiveley designed the symbols which are a popular tattoo.


Vanessa Martinez (Simplynessa15)

Vanessa Martinez has a space inspired tattoo on her left forearm. This ink was the forth she did and it interconnects with a triangle form filled with crystals done at the same time.
The triangle represents femininity while the space reminds her of the fascination she has for space and her younger idea of becoming an astronaut. There she has the Sun and the Moon and her favorite planet – Saturn – also three small circles at the bottom, because “3” is an important number in the Universe.

Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann added this tattoo of a sun and two dots on her middle finger on September 5, 2016 as a companion to the moon and dots on her ring finger.  Artist Romeo Lacoste shared a photo of the fresh ink with the caption “They don’t call me the Line God for nothing. Clean and crisp lines that heal perfect every time. Don’t be fooled by artist who can’t do straight lines, perfect circles or tattoos that heal properly. To get tattooed by me book on


Marzia Bisognin

Marzia Bisognin has a tattoo on her upper back of a yin-yang symbol in the shape of a sun. In November 2014, she added a line of symbols going down her spine. They are the symbols of the planets in our solar system, ordered by distance to the sun. From top to bottom she has Mercury ☿, Venus ♀ — also the symbol for women, Earth ⊕, Mars ♂ — the symbol for men, Jupiter ♃, Saturn ♄, Uranus ♅, and Neptune ♆. (more…)

Marzia Bisognin

One of Marzia’s oldest tattoos is this yin-yang symbol in the shape of a sun on her upper back. The yin and yang represent balance of opposing forces.

In November 2014 she added onto this tattoo with planetary symbols going down her back, ordered by their distance from the sun, using this existing sun tattoo as in integral part of the design. (more…)