Roman Numeral Tattoos

Erika Costell

Erika Costell has a red “X” tattoo on her right elbow for Team 10, the YouTube house which she is a part of. X is the roman numeral for 10.

She hates how this tattoo looks and actually wanted to get it removed. In a vlog she explained why she was planning to get rid of it:

“Right now it’s a bittersweet moment. I love Team 10, but it’s time to get my Team 10 tattoo removed…because the guy who did my tattoo completely screwed it up. It’s uneven. The color is ugly. It was just a total fail…That’s my seventh tattoo and I’ve had no problems with any other tattoos and I just can’t get used to this one. I hate it; it’s poorly done.”

However when she arrived for her appointment at LaserAway they told her that their machines were designed for black ink and they couldn’t remove her tattoo because of the color. She was warned that the lasers could actually make the tattoo worse or cause scarring, so she left with the tattoo still on her arm.


Tessa Brooks

This little “X” tattoo on Tessa Brooks’ left side represents Team 10, which is a group channel of YouTubers founded by Jake Paul. She used to be part of along with her friend Erika Costell. The collective all live in the same house and create content together. “X” is the roman numeral for 10.

Tessa Brooks left Team 10 in January 2018. She credits the team with helping her grow her confidence in front of the camera and says it was a great experience that she looks back on fondly. However she and the rest of the team were headed in different creative directions. “You have to know when to let to go, and when to let things be,” she says.