Pin-Up Girl Tattoos

Lynn Gunn

Lynn Gunn got a huge tattoo on her left side from artist Baud Nach in December 2016. The drawing depicts two nude women draped in a sheet. The subjects appear to be lovers, as one women has her hand on the other’s breast.

The artist wrote on instagram “It’s always such a pleasure to hang out with you @lynngvnn ! You’re a real badass!!!!” Lynn responded “Thanks for letting me be your guinea pig. Absolutely killed it again 🙌 if you’re in the NYC area and want an awesome experience with incredible work to match, hit up my dude @baudnach


LIGHTS Poxleitner

Lights has a large tattoo on her back of Wonder Woman pushing off the hand of Giganta from the cover of Wonder Woman 2 volume 3.  At the bottom of the tattoo is a banner with the word UNSTOPPABLE written across it.  According to Lights, “it really represents being able to fight big things even though you’re small.”

Lights identifies with powerful female figures, and is particularly enamored with Wonder Woman.  She explains: “Wonder Woman is kind of my role model. She’s beautiful and she’s pure, and she fights with immense strength but integrity. She fights with justice and honor, and she’s not doing anything in a slimy or destructive way, and she’s doing it with grace and out of respect for everyone. And she’s an ambassador for Themyscira and a real symbol of a powerful woman. I think it’s fantastic. And she can kick ass and still look great doing it, so I feel like she’s a great symbol for us.”

Like many of her tattoos, this one represents strength.  “Everything I have on me makes me feel like I can do anything,” she says.


Lily Collins

Lily Collins added a new tattoo below her “Love Always and Forever” upper back tattoo during a trip to South Korea in July 2016.  The new ink, courtesy of Tattooist Doy, features a nude woman sitting on a lily pad in the fetal position. The lily pad represents her own name, Lily.

“Flashing some back for #fbf. A beautiful keepsake from an incredibly memorable Korean adventure. Thank you @tattooist_doy for adding your artistry to my personal collection. Self love is the most important kind #LoveAlwaysandForever #lilypadinbloom #KrazyinKorea…” she wrote on instagram.

This tattoo was done using thin lines and watered down ink so that appears a faint gray compared to the crisp black lines of the tattoo above it.