Number Tattoos

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea got this tattoo of a number “1” on her right forearm in 2015 and later covered it up with the mane of her horse tattoo.

The tattoo most likely celebrates the success of her single “Fancy,” which was a number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.  She was, at the time, only the fourth female rapper to ever top the chart (Cardi B later became the fifth) and with seven weeks at number 1 she had the longest reign.  Having spent the previous few years building up her career in the UK, she had never charted on the US Billboard Hot 100 at all prior to the release of Fancy.  With her feature on Ariana Grande‘s “Problem” in the number 2 spot while “Fancy” was number 1, she tied the Beatles as the only artists to have their first two chart entries simultaneous occupy the top two spots.

Ultimately success was a double-edge sword for Iggy.  She never expected the level of success that she had and was unprepared for the scrutiny that came with it.  Her tendency to lash out at perceived criticism kept her in the headlines for the wrong reasons and caused the public opinion to turn against her.  That might explain why she covered up the tattoo.  She told Zane Lowe:

I didn’t expect to get a number 1 hit. I never thought I would have that level of success, just as a female rapper because it’s really really hard when that’s what you’re doing. I just kind of thought if I could skate by and make a living off it and be able to do shows, that was kind of my expectations. It ended up being way, way bigger than that. And the things that come with that, like the debate or…being followed by paparazzi everywhere and that level of attention is very claustrophobic and it kind of makes your decision-making sort of a bit whacked out when you’re living in a bubble that you have to create to try to protect your privacy…. At that time…I really couldn’t get control of it and it was just tumbling and tumbling.

Now she doesn’t take everything so personally and as a result she feels much more in control.  As she attempts to make her comeback, she cares more about reconnecting with her original audience of rap fans than having crossover pop hits.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has gone through a lot of trouble to remove her ex A$AP Rocky’s name from her left pinkie finger. She initially tattooed an “X” through it because her hectic touring schedule didn’t give her enough time for laser removal. She finally had a lull in her career in 2015 which gave her time for frequent laser sessions. Her engagement to NBA player Nick Young also gave her a sense of urgency. “I don’t want to wear a wedding ring with tattoos about my ex under it. It’s being lasered and has been for months,” she tweeted.

Her A$AP tribute spanned three fingers, with the words “Live” “Love” and “A$AP” each on their own.  Iggy had all three lasered, but the removal was trickiest on her pinkie.  She tattooed a black box over the whole name which may have helped give an even result but it also made it more difficult.  Its location on the outside of her hand also meant that this tattoo wasn’t subject to the same amount of friction as the ones between her fingers.  She manged to get her middle and ring fingers light enough for a new “Digital Distortion” tattoo but continued with laser sessions on her pinkie.  In 2016 she told Music Choice:

I’ve actually just spent the last eight months going through a very painful laser tattoo removal process….Be very careful with what you get. And do not get your ex-boyfriend’s name or you might end up with a really long and really expensive painful trip to the dermatologist.

By 2017 she was finally able to cover the spot with a new tattoo that’s the same size as the previous one. It appears to be a number “7” for her June 7th birthday.

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui played her first-ever show as a solo artist in Sao Paulo Brazil on June 6, 2018.  She commemorated the monumental occasion by getting this “6 • 6 • 18” tattoo on her forearm.  The concert was the first of five dates where she performed as the opening act for the Latin American leg of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour.  She debuted three new songs at the first show and was amazed that fans were already beginning to sing along.  That night she tweeted:


Before the tour was over, she’d already gotten this tattoo to remember it forever.  She visited artist Gabriel Puas in Santiago Chile on June 11, 2018 during an off-date between the third and fourth shows.  She performed in Santiago the following night.

The transition from being part of Fifth Harmony to becoming a solo artist has been a major shift for her since she had spent her entire adult life as a member of the girl group.  She was only 15 years old when she auditioned for The X Factor.  All of the members auditioned as solo artists and the group was created by the producers and judges of the show, who thought they were better as a group than as individuals.  That may have been true when they were young teens who hadn’t fully formed their own identities, but now they all have unique perspectives and unique stories to tell in their songs.  Following Camila Cabello‘s departure from the group Fifth Harmony released a final self-titled album and then went on indefinite hiatus on March 19, 2018 so that the remaining four members could pursue their own solo careers.

Going solo has forced Lauren to confront and conquer her self-doubts.  She didn’t begin writing until recently because she was afraid that she wasn’t good enough.  Now she is so glad that she took the plunge.  She tweeted:

Fun fact: I actually only started writing actual songs this year. I had only written two songs in my life completely that I thought were ok and I was too scared of failure to try until my world shifted earlier this year….Literally in the studio every day just opening the floodgates of all the shit I never let myself say….Never give up on yourself and do it anyway because you can only get better.

Lauren is still discovering what she wants her solo music to sound like, but she’s loving the process and the songs that she’s written.  “The album is not finished yet. I feel inspired and could write any song at any given moment,” she told Billboard. “It’s really interesting, and it’s a road to self-discovery.”


Noah Cyrus

Danielle Bregoli

The number “1921” on the front of Danielle Bregoli’s right ankle goes along with the name “Josephine” behind it. It represents the birth year of her maternal great grandmother Josephine “JoJo” Radford, who was born on October 16, 1921. JoJo is still alive and well at 96 years old.

The placement of this tattoo and the gothic font of the letters are inspired by Rihanna’s “1988” tattoo, which represents the singer’s own birth year.