Knife Tattoos

Maggie Lindemann

Four of Maggie Lindemann’s five knuckle tattoos are astronomy-related, so this dagger on her thumb seems out of place.  Maggie explained in a tweet that this tattoo isn’t connected to the others: “I’ve wanted a knife for a while but didn’t know where to put it, so I saw someone with one on their thumb and fell in love.”  She did however put dots below her nail like the tattoos on all of her other fingers.  She got this tattoo from artist Romeo Lacoste on October 16, 2016 at the same time as the star on her pinkie.  With all five fingers covered, she announced that her hand is now complete — but she’s still got room on her lower knuckles if she changes her mind!

The knife represents Maggie’s interest in blood and gore. “I’ve always been so fascinated with horror, murders, etc. so I felt it was appropriate,” she tweeted.


Ruby Rose

The first of the three characters tattoos on Ruby Rose’s right forearm was Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which she got from artist Rhys Gordon in November 2011.

She posted a picture on Twitter of herself as a little girl dressed up in Ninja Turtles costume. “This is why I have Leonardo the ninja turtle tattooed on me. I wore this to school.. I thought I was him,” she wrote.


Melanie Martinez

In February 2015 Melanie Martinez got this tattoo on her right forearm of a blue cartoon rabbit with a heart on it’s head.  Melanie shared with Fuse the story of this tattoo, which is inspired by a pet rabbit which was her first pet as a kid. She included a knife in the tattoo below the rabbit’s head because her pet was decapitated by another rabbit.

This one I got for my bunny. It was actually my first pet ever. And then I got a dog and my parents told me I couldn’t have a bunny and a dog, so we all decided to give the bunny away to a friend of a friend who already had a bunny. So we thought “It’ll have a friend, that’s amazing, that’s awesome.” So they left my bunny and their bunny in the backyard unattended for like four hours. They ended up finding their bunny in their neighbor’s backyard and my bunny’s head was in their yard.

Fans have noted a resemblance to the character Bonnie the Bunny from the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s, though it’s not known if this was intentional. (more…)