Initial Tattoos

Lily Cole

Lily Cole paid tribute to her two-year-old daughter Wylde by getting artistic ink from artist Stanislava Pinchuk in August 2018. She intended to get one tattoo, but the artist instead created for her a collection of five tattoos on her left hand which represent each letter of Wylde’s name in an interpretive way. The supermodel showed off the tattoos on her instagram and wrote:

“Today I went to Paris to get 1 tattoo from the talented @m_i_s_o_ … then I ended up getting 5. Fun day. Check out her work: an artist and activist I admire”

Artist Stanislava Pinchuk works in a very non-traditional way. She only accepts payment in the form of trades — Lily gave her photographs and a book. Her home-made tattoos are created specifically for each client.“Every one is different, just a lot of consideration & talking” she wrote.

The five tattoos that she created for Lily Cole are scattered throughout her fingers, hand and wrist. The letters of the name “WYLDE” aren’t in any readable order. It’s the sort of tattoo that’s meant more for artistic expression and internal reflection rather than to convey a message to anyone else.

The shape on Lily’s middle finger, which looks like V:, is a letter “W” with two of the lines missing. The “Y” is drawn in a curvy fashion on the side of her hand. “L” is represented by a straight line on the outside of her index finger. The arc on her wrist is for the letter “D” and the three lines on her thumb give the vague impression of an “E.”


Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna got this “BC” tattoo on her left ankle back when she was dating rapper Mechie in July 2017. He has a matching tattoo behind his ear. She’s inked many of her boyfriends’ names on her body, but this time they both got matching tattoos of her initials — which is fortunate for her because they broke up a month later.


Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan has a tiny letter “V” tattoo on the underside of her finger which stands for “Visitors.” She explained its meaning on her instagram:

V I S I T O R S — Nothing is ours and everyone is visiting. Some people stay a while. Some are just passing through your life. Some stay as long as they’ll stay anywhere. It’s important for us to be super careful of the souvenirs they leave with and that they leave in us. My buddy and I tattooed this V on my right ring finger and his left thumb-knuckle so that every handshake reminds me I’m visiting and greeting a visitor.


Kelly Clarkson

This blue ink tattoo on Kelly Clarkson’s left middle finger is somewhat of a mystery.  She has had this tattoo for years but has never spoken about what it means.  It looks like lowercase letters “dc” although in recent photos it’s very smudged.  Depending on which side is up, it could possibly be “sp”as well.

Our best guess is that the “dc” stands for NFL team the Dallas Cowboys.  Kelly grew up in Burleson, Texas which is a suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and she is known to be a big fan of the team.  She even got to write a song for them: “Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem).”  Blue is their team color, which would explain the unusual color of Kelly’s tattoo.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner tattooed a letter “G” on her right pinkie finger for her grandfather in July 2018. “For my grandad. My hero,” she wrote on instagram.  The delicate script initial was tattooed by artist Mr. K at Bang Bang tattoo parlor in New York City.

Her fiance Joe Jonas accompanied her and he got his own equally sentimental tattoo for his grandfather.  His tattoo on his arm is a postage stamp featuring a portrait of a young Jerry Miller along with his nickname “PaPa” and his date of birth “08 21 1940.”  Joe’s grandfather passed away in January 2014, at which time Joe wrote“The funniest guy in any room. The knowledge he had. The epic life he lived. Thank you for teaching me so much. I am going to miss you. One of my Heros. Rest in Piece Papa.”


Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner revealed in a June 2018 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden that she had recently gotten a tattoo of her brother’s initials on her toes:

 To be honest I was having like a bit of a party in Australia at this house and we were all watching the football.  And we all decided to just get tattoos while we were watching the football and drinking beer.  It was so badass….And I got my brother’s initials tattooed on my big toes.

We haven’t been able to see the tattoos yet except for a tiny glimpse in an instagram photo.


Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea announced that her next album would be called Surviving the Summer (the name was later changed slightly to Survive the Summer) in November 2017 and in December she revealed a new tattoo of the album’s initials “STS” on her right knuckles in the same font as the album art.

These “STS” tattoos are the third time that Iggy has put an album title on her hands.  The previous two, The New Classic and Digital Distortion, were on the sides of her fingers.  In each case she got the tattoo well before the album’s release date, and for Digital Distortion the album never ended up getting released.  In an interview with 103.5 KISS FM she joked about what she might do if Survive the Summer never saw the light of day:

I have my knuckles tattooed….and they say “STS” which stands for “Survive the Summer” which is the title of my album that I’m going to put out in summer — fingers crossed, or this tattoo is going to have to get changed. It’s just going to be super awkward. Or I may have to get my other hand tattooed.

She chose the title Survive the Summer because the songs represent all of the vibes and emotions of summertime.  She told Extra:

It’s way heavier rap, a bit grimier. Aggressive, twerkable, very sexy. It’s summer! To me, if summer was personified I think that summer is hot and sexy and aggressive. And you go out with your friends and you have a good time and you have romances and crazy adventures.