Hebrew Tattoos

Britney Spears

Britney Spears got Kabbalah Hebrew letters inked on the back of her neck back in 2004 whilst touring overseas.
The Hebrew letters are supposed to promote “healing”
The letters make up one of the Kabbalah sect’s 72 names for their god, and at the time, Britney was trying to cope with her pressured life and took advice from Madonna, who belongs to this religious movement.

LIGHTS Poxleitner

Rather than covering the old black ink heart and banner tattoo on her left forearm, Lights had it incorporated into a large and colorful new tattoo.  It is a coat of arms which she designed to represents different aspects of her life.   On the left side of the shield is Jesus’ name in Hebrew and and on the right side are the initials “EPVP” for her parents’ names Eric Poxleitner and Virginia Poxleitner.  Planets, a raygun, and music notes reflect her outer space alter-ego Captain Lights.  A lion and a griffin are on the sides crushing a dragon on the bottom.