Fangs Tattoos

Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann had been planning this fangs tattoo for a long time before getting it done in March 2018.  The vampire-loving singer got some more discrete tattoos like “Bite Me” on her finger and a bat on her ankle first before taking the plunge because she didn’t want to get a large piece while she’s still so young.  But by March 2018 she was finally ready to get the tattoo that she really wanted.  She and her friend Chris Miles got matching tattoos on their forearms of an open mouth showing its teeth and fangs.  Artist Sick Boy used a blackwork technique to create the goth-style design using solid black ink.  Maggie is definitely having a goth moment with her clothing, but she’s sure that the tattoo will be something that stays relevant as she continues to evolve:

“I’ve wanted a vampire tattoo since I was 11.  Wanted this specific tattoo since 2016.  Just because my style changes doesn’t mean who I truly am on the inside or the things I’ve always liked change.”


Kirstin Maldonado

Kirstin Maldonado has a vampire-inspired tattoo on the inside of her right ankle. It’s a mouth with vampire fangs and little upside hearts instead of drops of blood.

She got this tattoo as a Friday the 13th special on October 13, 2017 from artist Romeo Lacoste.

Interview with the Vampire is one of her favorite movies. In an old tweet from back in 2012, she wrote “Interview with the Vampire will forever be the best vampire movie EVER. Or just movie in general.”



Sierra Kusterbeck

Sierra has “TOUR 09” written vertically on the inside of her left foot, along with some other worn off tattoos. She gave this tattoo to herself while her band VersaEmerge was on the OP Tour with Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, The Maine, and A Rocket To The Moon in the fall of 2009.

She added vampire fangs to her “tour” tattoo during the 2010 Warped Tour, at the same time she got the apple core tattoo on her ankle. She described this as her “party ankle.”