Dots Tattoos

Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee has a tattoo of paper airplane on the back of her left arm which she got some time in 2016. The dots symbolize that the paper airplane takes an indirect path. It shows her the way to the top and inspires her to keep pushing for her goals even when the path forwards seems difficult. The simple tattoo only took five minutes to complete.


Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly has a hand-poked astrological design on her upper back created by Neiz Vesten. The artist creates his own “Code Ink” designs for each of his clients based on their birth date. Cindy’s unique tattoo features an upside down triangle, a spiral of dots, and a cross. She had it done while in Bali in September 2016.

Her artist Neiz Vesten writes:

My last tattoo #CodeInk in Bali for @wolfiecindy. I only create artwork for each individual person who would love to embody my art for the rest of their days. All I need is your date of birth & with that I create specific codes that represent you & only you. I create MY art & MY vision. I don’t create art work upon my client’s ideas or request nor do I sell my designs.