Dots Tattoos

Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly has a hand-poked astrological design on her upper back created by Neiz Vesten. The artist creates his own “Code Ink” designs for each of his clients based on their birth date. Cindy’s unique tattoo features an upside down triangle, a spiral of dots, and a cross. She had it done while in Bali in September 2016.

Her artist Neiz Vesten writes:

My last tattoo #CodeInk in Bali for @wolfiecindy. I only create artwork for each individual person who would love to embody my art for the rest of their days. All I need is your date of birth & with that I create specific codes that represent you & only you. I create MY art & MY vision. I don’t create art work upon my client’s ideas or request nor do I sell my designs.



These four dots below Kehlani’s eyes may look like freckles, but they are actually tattoos.  The dots, which she got in May 2016, were her third face tattoo. She followed up with the paper airplane in the corner of her eye shortly afterwards.

January Jones

January Jones got a half-needle design of concentric circles containing dates, an arrow and a heart on her left forearm. The tattoo was made in honor of her son Xander and it contains her and her son birthdays inside the two circles.
The art by Dr. Woo was posted on the tattooist Instagram with the caption “Nothing stronger than a mothers love” on September 26, 2016.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has a white dot tattoo on her middle finger. When she got inked, the artist who gave Kendall the ink, named Jon Boy, explained why it’s white: “To her, it’s the little things that matter. The white color was because she didn’t want it to show with modeling and all that. It was a fun night.” Jon said.


Adele has added to the collection of tattoos on her wrist on three separate occasions. First were the three dots which she got as a matching tattoo with Joy Williams from the indie-folk duo The Civil Wars.

Next she visited artist Tanja Nixx who gave her a mimimalist coin design which is the largest of the tattoos on this wrist.  It is a simple circle with an outline of a heart and the words “ONE PENNY” for her mother Penny Adkins.

Most recently, she added a date inside of the coin.  The numbers are hard to read, but it is thought to say “1921” for her first two albums 19 and 21, which are both named after her age at the time.


Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann added this tattoo of a sun and two dots on her middle finger on September 5, 2016 as a companion to the moon and dots on her ring finger.  Artist Romeo Lacoste shared a photo of the fresh ink with the caption “They don’t call me the Line God for nothing. Clean and crisp lines that heal perfect every time. Don’t be fooled by artist who can’t do straight lines, perfect circles or tattoos that heal properly. To get tattooed by me book on