Arrow Tattoos

January Jones

January Jones got a half-needle design of concentric circles containing dates, an arrow and a heart on her left forearm. The tattoo was made in honor of her son Xander and it contains her and her son birthdays inside the two circles.
The art by Dr. Woo was posted on the tattooist Instagram with the caption “Nothing stronger than a mothers love” on September 26, 2016.

JoJo Levesque

JoJo added another tattoo on her right wrist just below her serenity prayer tattoo in August 2015. The new inking, done by artist Adam Daniel, is of swirling arrows going all the way around her wrist like a bracelet. She told her instagram followers “if you’re in LA go see him. He has a quick, light touch and does beautiful original work.”

Sierra Kusterbeck

Sierra Kusterbeck has a traditional-style heart and banner tattoo on the inside of her left ankle which says “Older Men.” She explains:

Yea so I never really told you all about this tattoo because it’s an inside joke. Oliver Peck has been trying to give me this tattoo for 2 yrs. He has “younger girls” in a sacred heart on his knee. I was in Dallas on a day off after Warped Tour and I went to my friends place and realized Elm Street Tattoo was a block away. That’s Oliver’s shop. I ran there to say hi and ended up, somehow, finally getting this tattoo. I love it and it always reminds me of Oliver and Monkeybird. Some of the best people I’ve ever met. Plus, I love older men :)