Tattoo Font Tattoos

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus tattooed ’07 on the back of her wrist for her friend Frankie Coletta, who she has been friends with since 2007.  Noah was born in 2000 so she was only 7 years old when they first met!  They had been friends for more than an decade when they got these matching tattoos in May 2018.


Ash Costello

Ash Costello got this tattoo of a coffin on her right forearm from artist Danny Anchor at Illuminati Tattoo Lounge in January 2016.  The number “714” inside the coffin is the area code for the greater Los Angeles, California region, where she grew up.

“I have lots of Anaheim pride and I don’t know how I’ve never gotten a ‘714’ tattoo — the area code of where I live,” she told Fuse, “I’ve always wanted one. It’s just there’s always some other crazy idea that I have that I want to get first. So I actually really want to get ‘714’ tattooed on me.”


Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson got “Snoddy” tattooed on her left ankle for her boyfriend Michael Snoddy, who is a drummer in Street Drum Corps. The arched letters of her tattoo mimic Michael’s own “Snoddy” tattoo which is in huge letters across his stomach.

After they broke up, she covered up the tattoo with an artistic cactus design.



In January 2012, Rihanna got “Thug Life” tattooed across her knuckles as a tribute to legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.  The tattoo was done by artist Mark Mahoney with semi-permanent white ink. Rihanna showed off the new tattoo in a picture on her Twitter.  It can be seen faintly in a few photos from the following weeks, but after that it disappeared completely.