Simple Lettering Tattoos

Iggy Azalea

Much like her “The New Classic” tattoos on her right hand fingers which spell out the name of her debut album, Iggy Azalea tattooed “Digital Distortion” on her left hand fingers in anticipation of her sophomore album, which was never released.

The tattoo covers up two of her old “Live Love A$AP” finger tattoos which she had removed.  “Digital” is on her ring finger and “Distortion” is on her middle finger.  “I covered up my old finger tattoos since they were light enough from the laser removal. Still working on the pinky though,” she tweeted.

The Digital Distortion album was pushed back multiple times for different reasons.  After her breakup with Nick Young, she scrapped a whole album because she felt that the songs she’d previously written no longer reflected what she wanted to say.  Her label was underwhelmed by the chart performance of the singles that did release.

Eventually the whole project was shelved.  Iggy switched to a new record label and a new management team and announced that her next album would be called Survive the Summer instead.

The title “Digital Distortion” represents how facts become warped in the age of social media and clickbait journalism.  Iggy has often ranted about news stories she sees about herself which are either untrue or aren’t newsworthy.  Even though the album was never released, the term “Digital Distortion” still means a lot to her.  In response to a fan who asked if she planned to remove the tattoo, she tweeted:

Digital distortion is an ongoing fact of life in the internet. Unless the internet starts being honest it’s relevant as fuck to me.

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus tattooed the motto “stand still” on her arm in honor of her father Billy Ray Cyrus, who she says “always taught me to stand still when things get too crazy.”  He also has a song called “Stand Still.”

Her dad made the tattoo extra meaningful by getting his own to match — with Noah’s encouragement!  She got her tattoo in June 2017 and Billy Ray got his a month later in July 2017.  She told Vogue:

Something floated around from my dad’s side of the family is just to stand still. It just means that when everything is so hectic in your life and you don’t know what to do, just stand still and wait for your heart to tell you what to do, and it will take you to the right place. So, to stand still and take a breath in. It really does help me in certain situations. My dad and I have got it tattooed on our arms.


Madison Beer

Madison Beer’s first tattoo was of the word “Honey” on the inside of her lip. She got this tattoo back in 2016 and has mentioned it a few times, but it was two years before anyone actually saw it. Fans finally got their first glimpse of secret tattoo in June 2018 when her “Home With You” music video was released. The video includes a brief closeup shot of Madison’s inner lip.

Honey is the name of one of Madison’s pet dogs, who she declared as the “love of my life” in an instagram caption. She had another dog named Boo Boo first and chose Honey’s name as a reference to reality TV star Honey Boo Boo.

Madison is known to be a huge dog lover.  A search through her twitter brings up statements like “hello I love dogs goodbye,” “can’t wait to get older so i can live with 500 dogs,” and “what did humans do to deserve such a gift like dogs.”

Check out more pictures of the tattoo and some pictures of Madison with her dog Honey below:


Florence Welch

Florence Welch added the words “Always Lonely” above the eye on the back of her left arm in May 2018.  The phrase seems to be a lyric from her upcoming album High as Hope as she has been selling “Always Lonely” t-shirts in one of the album pre-order packages. Her feelings of loneliness are one of the central themes of the album though it’s not all negative. She wrote in a press release:

There’s a lot of love in this record, loneliness too, but a lot of love.”

Regarding lead single “Hunger,” she says:

“This song is about the ways we look for love in things that are perhaps not love, and how attempts to feel less alone can sometimes isolate us more. I guess I made myself more vulnerable in this song to encourage connection, because perhaps a lot more of us feel this way than we are able to admit. Sometimes when you can’t say it, you can sing it.”