Silhouette Tattoos


Halsey got the Queen of Diamonds playing card symbols tattooed on her temple in June 2018. “Thanks for my first (and only hopefully lol) face tattoo,” she wrote to artist Noah Lee aka Nal.

She captioned a picture of the tattoo with lyrics to her song “Castle,” in which she sings about becoming the queen as a metaphor for coming to take her place in the music industry with the chorus line “I’m headed straight for the castle / They wanna make me their queen.” More specifically, it’s about taking back some of the power from male executives who think that a female performer should look and act a certain way in order to appease the masses. She sings “there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut.” Being a queen is to be a woman who is charge of her own destiny.


LIGHTS Poxleitner

Before her album and accompanying comic book series Skin&Earth was even released to the public, LIGHTS has already gotten a tattoo on the back of her wrist matching the one on the character Enaia Jin (“En”), who she based on herself. But fans kept getting introduced to more new characters in the Skin& Earth universe with every subsequent issue.

LIGHTS added another tattoo featuring three different logos on her upper left arm after all six volumes had been released and the whole story was revealed. The design and the placement of this tattoo matches characters in the story, just as the tattoo on her wrist did. The mysterious goddess Mitsuki has these three symbols on her arm and she marks En with them as well. The meaning of the symbols is explained by Mitsuki in Issue #6:

“She marked my arm with three symbols: a moon, a soul, and a sun, to remind me of the true order of life. We are born, we live, then we die and give back, skin and earth once again as one.”

Although En is an embodiment of LIGHTS, she jokes that her own look is based on the character rather than the other way around and that she’s cosplaying every day.


Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann had been planning this fangs tattoo for a long time before getting it done in March 2018.  The vampire-loving singer got some more discrete tattoos like “Bite Me” on her finger and a bat on her ankle first before taking the plunge because she didn’t want to get a large piece while she’s still so young.  But by March 2018 she was finally ready to get the tattoo that she really wanted.  She and her friend Chris Miles got matching tattoos on their forearms of an open mouth showing its teeth and fangs.  Artist Sick Boy used a blackwork technique to create the goth-style design using solid black ink.  Maggie is definitely having a goth moment with her clothing, but she’s sure that the tattoo will be something that stays relevant as she continues to evolve:

“I’ve wanted a vampire tattoo since I was 11.  Wanted this specific tattoo since 2016.  Just because my style changes doesn’t mean who I truly am on the inside or the things I’ve always liked change.”


Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren got this little tattoo of a music note on her ring finger in March 2018. It was one of three tattoos that she got in one sitting with artist Romeo Lacoste. “I go from not wanting anymore tattoos to getting 3 in 1 night,” she tweeted.

“My music is my diary.  My music taste changes to how I grow,” she said in a video.

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams announced her divorce from longtime partner Chad Gilbert in July 2017, leaving her with a regrettable tattoo of his initials “CEG” across three of her fingers. She covered them up with three black squares in February 2018. The boxes mean that she no longer has to see his initials, but going for such a dark cover-up makes it much more difficult if she ever wants to have laser removal.

This tattoo is something that Hayley doesn’t want to talk about for obvious reasons. When asked about her latest tattoo in an interview, she joked “how deep do we want to go?” and then proceeded to talk about her second most recent.

The troubles in their relationship are apparent throughout the lyrics of Paramore’s 2017 album After Laughter. Writing those songs actually made Hayley realize that their marriage was beyond saving. In an essay for Nylon, she wrote:

Writing kept me alive. Forced me to be honest….It helped me realize that I shouldn’t have ever married my ex and that love is not something we can just extract from one other.


Gabriella DeMartino

Gabi DeMartino has a tattoo on her left ankle featuring three of the flower logos from designer Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram print. She was inspired by fellow YouTuber Jeffree Star, who has Louis Vuitton logos on his knuckles.

She chose this design simply because she likes the way it looks, along with the bow on her wrist that she got at the same time.  She got both tattoos in March 2018 as the weather was beginning to heat up and she thought that an ankle tattoo would look great with her spring and summer shoes.  In her vlog she explained:

I’ve only ever got meaningful tattoos, so I’ve never got a design tattoo or one that just looks cute. So I’m going to get those little Louis Vuitton flowers on my ankle so that when I wear heels it looks super cute….These are tattoos I’ve thought about for a long time now and I just want to go ahead and get them done.  I want them for summer — summer’s like my favorite.

She thinks that it’s fine to get a tattoo just for its appearance, and wrote on her instagram:

“Never got a tattoo before that was just for looks/fun. My tattoos that I have are all meaningful so it was super fun to get a small lil design that means nothing. And that’s totally okay!”

Gabi loves high-end fashion and posts luxury haul videos, so it’s no surprise that she’s got a lot of Louis Vuitton items in her million dollar closet.  And we mean a lot — she’s got at least 13 LV bags. In the monogram print she has a suitcasetravel bagspeedy handle bag ($1,000), mini backpack ($1,960), popincourt satchelsaint cloud crossbody, and a toiletry bag ($650). In the Damier checkerboard print she’s got the keepall travel bag ($1,840), neverfull tote bag ($1,320), sperone backpack ($1,950), eva clutchcosmetics pouch ($375), and zippy wallet ($805). She wears Louis Vuitton clothing as well.  We’ve seen her in a bikinidenim jacket ($1,580), hoodie, blue scarf ($590), pink scarf ($590), and silk scarf.  She even has a Louis Vuitton monogram print pillow in her closet.  All in all, that’s around $20,000 in merchandise.  So it’s safe to say that she was already very committed to the brand before she got it inked.


Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus and her boyfriend Tanner Drayton aka Tanner Alexander got matching star tattoos from artist Jon Boy in June 2018.  The design includes five stars, four of which are filled in with black ink and one that is empty, giving the appearance of a four-star review.  Noah captioned one of her pictures “four out of five,” suggesting that the tattoos may be a tribute to the Arctic Monkeys’ song “Four Out of Five” which was released only a month earlier.

This isn’t the first time that the couple have gotten inked together.  They got matching rose tattoos back in August 2017.  Although they have been dating for a while, they have kept their relationship mostly private since Tanner is not a celebrity and likes to stay out of the public eye.  That is starting to change now that Tanner has made his musical debut as a featured artist on Noah’s song “Lately.”


Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus got this thunderbird tattoo on the side of her right ring finger in March 2018.  The mythological bird is a symbol of her Cherokee heritage.  Many Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, tell legends of the thunderbird — an enormous supernatural bird up in the sky that makes the sound of thunder by flapping its wings.