Outline Tattoos


Halsey has a tattoo on her arm to celebrate her Playboy magazine cover story. Rather than just getting the iconic Playboy bunny logo, her tattoo shows the backside of a pair of jeans with the Playboy bunny on the pocket, complete with the Levi’s red tag.

Her favorite tattoo artist Curt Montgomery first created the design as an illustration which he sent to Halsey to congratulate her. When her cover of the September/October 2017 issue was released she posted the drawing on instagram and wrote “Good time to post this cute drawing my friend @curtmontgomerytattoos gave me!!! Might have to go get this tatted now that it’s official!!!!” She visited his Toronto tattoo parlor in October 2017 when her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour brought her to the area.

Halsey loves looking at vintage Playboy issues and has been a fan of the magazine for a long time. She told Playboy “My first encounter with Playboy was at my aunt and uncle’s house. I think I was like 8 or 9 years old. I’ve been kind of obsessed since. Whenever I’m somewhere that has vintage Playboys I’m obsessed with going through them. It’s been a long road for me and Playboy.”

She feels strongly that being comfortable with her sexuality is empowering and fired back on those who criticized her scantily-clad photoshoot. She posted a reply to a commenter who thought the shoot conflicted with her feminist ideals: “yeah, it’s crazy. I can show my tits in Playboy, perform at the Nobel Peace, speak at the Planned Parenthood Gala with Hillary Clinton, shake my ass on 300 stages, give a speech at the United Nations, do 150 shots of tequila, get a #1 album, and march in the streets of DC in just ONE year!!! Newsflash. A woman can be multi dimensional. #WeAreNotJustOneThing”


    Noah Cyrus

    Noah Cyrus got a broken heart tattoo with her boyfriend Lil Xan in August 2018. The tattoo seems to be a nod to their relationship, either personally or professionally. The pair have been collaborating on some music which will be released soon. Heartbreak and sadness are likely to be the themes of whatever they’re written together.

    Lil Xan has two broken heart tattoos of his own which look just like Noah’s, although he had his first. He has one broken heart on his face beneath his mom’s name “Candy.” He later added the word “Soldier” underneath in honor of his song “Hearbreak Soldier” as well as the mixtape and tour of the same name. His second broken heart tattoo is on the back of his right hand along with the bible verse Romans 12:21 “do not be overcome by evil,” his birth year “96,” and “No Rulez” for the No Rulez Recording Studio where he recorded his parts of his debut album Total Xanarchy.

    The couple went to the tattoo parlor together. Noah got her broken heart and three other small tattoos while Lil Xan got a huge “Xanarchy” tattoo on his arm.