New School Tattoos

Amy Macdonald

Amy Macdonald has an impressive full skull sleeve tattoo on her left hand.

On an interview, talking about her tattoo Amy said she always loved Alexander McQueen and the way that he has the icon skull. She loved the designs so much and ย I decided she wanted to do a rough tattoo on her hand. “I wanted the skulls, and the roses and all of that.”


Trying to teach Fozzy-bear how to pout…. Slow learner โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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Always munching ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ”

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Cassadee Pope

The blue and pink clouds connect Cassadee Pope’s forearm tattoos on the front side, but there is still some empty space between on the back of her arm. She added the clouds in October 2010, but has had the original bird and banner tattoo since August 2009. It says “BND” for the “Believers Never Die” tour on which her band Hey Monday opened for Fall Out Boy. (more…)

Cassadee Pope

In August 2009 Cassadee Pope got another bird with a banner reading โ€œBNDโ€ on the opposite side of her arm from the first. โ€œBNDโ€ stands for โ€œBelievers Never Die.โ€ Cassadee got this tattoo after her band Hey Monday opened for Fall Out Boy on the Believers Never Die Tour Part Deux in April and May of 2009. (more…)

Cassadee Pope

All of Cassadee Popeโ€™s tattoos are located on her right forearm. Her first tattoo was a bird with a banner of music notes coming out of its mouth, which represents her passion for music. Sheย got this tattoo the day after she turned 18.ย “All my tattoos refer to my love for music,” she says. “I know Iโ€™ll never regret them because music is my life.” (more…)

Alexia Rodriguez

In June 2010, Alexia Rodriguez got this Bride Of Frankenstein tattoo with a purple face and blue and yellow hair on the inside of her arm. It is a companion to her existing Frankenstein tattoo. You can watch a video of her getting the tattoo done here. This tattoo was done at Hart and Huntington Tattoo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. They write:

Guitarist and lead Vocalist Alexia Rodriguez had a Frankenstein piece that was a little lonely on her upper shoulder so we had to sit her down with artist Jime Litwalk and give big Frank a little punk rock bride. Leave it up to Jime to take and transform a simple idea into an original piece of your own by adding his own twist and sick style. Alexia sat for 3 hours in the back VIP room and knocked out the whole tat from outline to final wipe in a nonchalant fashion. Well, maybe there was a little help from the Hard Rock Bar in there somewhereโ€ฆ