Minimalist Tattoos

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron got a tattoo on her pinkie finger knuckle which matches her friend Kiersey Clemons during a trip to Las Vegas in January 2017. Kiersey is a tattoo veteran, but — as far as we know — this is Dove’s first tattoo. She shared a picture of the fresh ink on instagram and captioned it What happens in Vegas stays on your body for the rest of your life.”

The two friends got “X” and “O” for hugs and kisses. Dove has the “X” on her left pinkie and Kiersey has the matching “O” on her right pinkie.



In November 2015, Halsey got a minimalist portrait tattoo on her left upper arm with the word “EVERYTHING” written below it. It is inspired by Norwegian electronic musician Lido’s 2016 album Everything.

Lido is also a producer as well as a solo artist and he served as the executive producer for Halsey’s debut album Badlands. (more…)

Miley Cyrus

During a trip to Australia in April 2016, Miley Cyrus got a matching tattoo with her future sister in-law and two friends. All four women got the same wave design on different body parts. Miley’s is on the outside of her right foot.

Actress Elsa Pataky got hers on the side of her middle finger. Her husband Chris Hemsworth and Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth are brothers.  It’s not clear what sort of relationship Miley has to the other two participants in the impromptu tattoo session, April Munro and Kalani Miller, who both got the design on their wrists.

The miminalist wave was drawn by professional surfer Kelly Slater, who is Miller’s fiance, and inked by tattoo artist Lauren Winzer. (more…)

Marzia Bisognin

In July 2015, Marzia Bisognin got this tattoo on her upper left arm of a twig drawn in a minimalist style. She got this tattoo because people tell her that she is skinny like a twig. Now that she’s more comfortable in her own skin, she doesn’t see it as an insult because it’s just the way that she is. She wrote on her blog:

This [tattoo] is related to my body image. As I previously stated, growing up I felt awkward about my body, no matter how much I tried to eat I could not gain enough weight to look like the other girls. But now I cherish my body – although I constantly get comments on how skinny I am (even if I’m not THAT skinny anymore), on how I should eat a burger, on how I have no boobs and butt – I love it the way it is and I would change nothing about it. And so that fragile twig represents me, and it reminds me that everything has its own beauty.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo celebrated the release of her sophomore album Lady Wood by getting this tattoo on her arm on November 27, 2016, a month after the album’s October 28th release date.  The image of a vulva with a cross at the bottom is Tove Lo’s new logo, which was designed for this album cycle.  It appears on the Lady Wood cover art in place of the letter “O”s in her name. Tattoo artist Mark Lonsdale translated the logo into a simple minimalist tattoo. (more…)