Cursive Tattoos

Eva Gutowski

“Finally got my first tattoo last week! It says thank you ūüėć Every time i see it, it reminds me to be thankful for even the lowest times in my life, and humble for the absolute highest! I couldn‚Äôt have asked for a better tattoo artist @winterstone ūüĆĻūüĒ• i followed him for FOUR years before getting a tattoo by him!! follow him for inspo of your own ‚̧ԳŹ I CANT WAIT TO GET MORE”

Jasmine Villegas

Jasmine Villegas and her former fianc√© Ronnie Banks celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2018 by getting matching tattoos of their daughter’s name “Ameera Reign.” The date is also significant because Ameera’s first birthday was only a few days later on February 19th.

Ronnie and Jasmine have a YouTube channel called BANKS Family where they have shared the ups and downs of their relationship as well as posting funny pranks and reaction videos. Naturally they filmed their whole tattoo experience.

Jasmine has much bigger tattoos than this, so we’re surprised that she seemed so scared!¬†¬†“It’s such a small thing but I’m terrified,” she revealed.¬†¬†Despite her fears, she was also excited. “This tattoo is probably the only tattoo that’s ever going to mean anything to me because it’s my daughter’s name. So I can’t wait.”¬† She used numbing cream to dull the pain and persevered.

She¬†got the collarbone inking from artist Kim at Inkies Tattoo Studio in Fremont, CA. Ronnie wished he could put his¬†tattoo on the left side of his chest like Jasmine’s, be he opted to place it on the opposite side instead because he had more open space between his many other inkings.

A few months after getting the tattoos Jasmine and Ronnie announced that they are taking a break after four years together.  But of course they are still dedicated to co-parenting Ameera.


Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli got the name “Josephine” tattooed on her ankle in honor of her great-grandmother Josephine Radford, who is her mom’s mom’s mom.¬† Great Grandma JoJo, as Danielle calls her, lives in Brooklyn New York. She made an appearance via webcam in one of Dani’s YouTube videos where she attempts to read some Bhad Bhabie lyrics, though at 96 years old she struggles a bit.


Julia Michaels

Radio host JoJo Wright arranged a date with Julia Michaels to get tattooed live on air on¬†November 21, 2017. The iHeartRadio DJ brought one of his personal favorite tattoo artists Mikey Montoya to the¬†102.7 KIIS FM¬†Los Angeles studios¬†to tattoo him and Julia.¬†Both of them planned their tattoos independently and they don’t match or even relate at all — JoJo got a Mickey Mouse/Jack Skellington mashup.

Julia’s tattoo says “protagonist + antagonist” representing the duality of life. As a songwriter she views everything through the perspective of stories. The protagonist is the main character in a story while the antagonist is someone who gets in the way of the protagonist achieving their goals. Antagonists can be evil villains, but they can also be ordinary people minding their own business whose own goals conflict with the protagonist’s.¬†We are all sometimes the antagonist in other people’s life stories, often without realizing it, when we get a job or an award or even a boyfriend/girlfriend that they wanted¬†for themselves.

She says that this tattoo “is basically me just embracing both sides of my personality.”

This tattoo marks the beginning of Julia began actively working on her second full sleeve. Up until this point the only tattoo on her left arm was the piano which she has had since 2012. But in the following months she covered her whole forearm.


Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo got her biggest tattoo yet in February 2018 — and of course she livestreamed the whole process.¬† The 15-year-old social media star got seven lines of text on her upper left arm¬†featuring a poem by¬†Erin Van Vuren.¬† Her tattoo says:¬†“I will not be / another flower / picked for my / beauty and left / to die. I will be / wild, difficult to find, / and impossible to forget.”¬†¬†It’s about wanting to be more than just a pretty face and wanting to have a real impact on people.


Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli tattooed a cursive letter “F” on the inside of her right pointer finger in February 2018.¬† It matches the style of the letter “B” tattoo on her ring finger which she already had.

We’re not certain who or what the “F” represents, but we have a few ideas.

Our best guess is that¬†it’s for her maternal grandfather Frank Bregoli.¬† We had previously thought the letter “B” was her mom Barbara Ann, but¬†if the “F” is for grandpa Frank then then “B” would¬†be for her grandma whose name is also Barbara.¬† Danielle is estranged from her¬†dad but she is close with the relatives on her mom’s side of the family.

The letter “F” could also represent Danielle’s bodyguard Frank Dellatto who is constantly by her side.


Bea Miller

Bea Miller and fellow pop singer Kennedi got matching tattoos ¬†in March 2018 that say “it only couldve been what it was” with the text wrapping around their elbows.¬† The two girls seem to have come up with this phrase on their own — perhaps it’s a lyric to a future song?¬† It speaks to fate and destiny as well as the pointlessness of dwelling on things in the past that we can’t change.

Tattoo parlor Generation 8 Tattoo shared of a photo of Bea’s completed tattoo next to the paper that used as their template, where we can see that it printed out using a computer handwriting font similar to Daddy’s Hand¬†with no apostrophe and no capital letters for a uniform look.