Black Ink Tattoos

Asian Doll

Asian Doll has the number 1017 tattooed on her right hand which record label that she signed to.

La Flare announced on June 13 that his label 1017 Eskimo Records has signed its first female rapper Asian Doll.
“Welcome @asiandadoll to #1017EskimoRecords,” Guwop wrote in an Instagram caption. “Congrats Y’all get ready because we bout to go crazzyyyy!”
Asian Doll also shared her excitement for the new career move. “IM THE 1st EVER FEMALE ARTIST TO SIGN WITH @gucci1017 💕🏹 I’m Officially 🔟1️⃣7️⃣,” she tweeted.


Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby has the name “Joshua” tattooed on the back of her neck for her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie. She started the Ex on the Beach star some time around December 2017 and got this tattoo in August 2018, less than a year into the relationship.

She has already laser removed tattoos for two ex-boyfriends so there were lots of critical comments when she showed off the tattoo on her instagram, but she’s got a sense of humor about things and had sassy comebacks for all of the negativity. She joked that she “chose the thin line work thinking ahead” to the inevitable laser removal but also wrote that she’s “got a good feeling about this one” and “I think 3rd times a charm.”

The removed tattoos were a fish for Stephen Bear and an initial “M” with arrows for Mitch Jenkins. “Technicallyyyyyyy this is the first boys name I’ve had on me, that’s just if were beingggggg technicallll here,” she commented.

Her Joshua tattoo was inked by artist Melina Wendlandt at her studio Vaders.Dye in Berlin, Germany using the artist’s own delicate handwriting.


LIGHTS Poxleitner

Before her album and accompanying comic book series Skin&Earth was even released to the public, LIGHTS has already gotten a tattoo on the back of her wrist matching the one on the character Enaia Jin (“En”), who she based on herself. But fans kept getting introduced to more new characters in the Skin& Earth universe with every subsequent issue.

LIGHTS added another tattoo featuring three different logos on her upper left arm after all six volumes had been released and the whole story was revealed. The design and the placement of this tattoo matches characters in the story, just as the tattoo on her wrist did. The mysterious goddess Mitsuki has these three symbols on her arm and she marks En with them as well. The meaning of the symbols is explained by Mitsuki in Issue #6:

“She marked my arm with three symbols: a moon, a soul, and a sun, to remind me of the true order of life. We are born, we live, then we die and give back, skin and earth once again as one.”

Although En is an embodiment of LIGHTS, she jokes that her own look is based on the character rather than the other way around and that she’s cosplaying every day.


China Anne McClain

China McClain and all of the pirate squad actors and dancers from ‘Descendants 2’ got different-sized anchor tattoos together once filming wrapped, so she has a piece of her time as Uma (her character on the movie) with her forever, something that will last a lifetime, like her bonds with Thomas and Dylan, her right-hand men in the movie.

“We all got very close during the film. Like this little tattoo I have here, they have them too. When you get a cast that you really connect to, it’s a special thing because to be honest, not all casts are like that, and sometimes we don’t get so lucky. So being able to work with them and then hang out with them after set every day was so, so great.”, China said in an interview for J-14.
“Thomas is awesome, he’s like crazy. He runs around the set with so much energy. So that always boosted my energy. And Dylan is just the sweetest person you’ll ever meet in your entire life.”

The event was also captured on social media: “Got matching tatts with my pirates⚓️ photos of all of them are coming soon!” – China caption her Instagram photo featuring a close up of her ink.