Upper Back Tattoos

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose commemorated her relationship with partner Phoebe Dahl by getting this tattoo of a heart on her back with their names in it. She showed off the new tattoo in an April 1, 2014 instagram photo which she captioned “Whoops spelt romeo and juliet wrong oh well ;)” The couple announced their engagement a few weeks earlier after three months of dating.

Unfortunately they never made it down the aisle and broke up in December 2015. “[Phoebe] remains very dear to my heart. I will forever treasure our time together. I’m a better person because of the time we shared,” Ruby wrote on Twitter.

Ruby has yet to remove Phoebe’s name from the tattoo, though she has already altered it once — adding paint strokes all around the outside of the heart.


Bianca Booth

Model Bianca Booth has a cursive two-lines script tattoo on her upper back.

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Jenna McDougall

Jenna McDougall got her first tattoo in February 2016 from artist Steve Tucker. It’s a traditional Celtic knot on her upper back. This particular design is know as the triquetra or trinity knot. It has many meanings, but the most common is a Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

LIGHTS Poxleitner

Lights has a large tattoo on her back of Wonder Woman pushing off the hand of Giganta from the cover of Wonder Woman 2 volume 3.  At the bottom of the tattoo is a banner with the word UNSTOPPABLE written across it.  According to Lights, “it really represents being able to fight big things even though you’re small.”

Lights identifies with powerful female figures, and is particularly enamored with Wonder Woman.  She explains: “Wonder Woman is kind of my role model. She’s beautiful and she’s pure, and she fights with immense strength but integrity. She fights with justice and honor, and she’s not doing anything in a slimy or destructive way, and she’s doing it with grace and out of respect for everyone. And she’s an ambassador for Themyscira and a real symbol of a powerful woman. I think it’s fantastic. And she can kick ass and still look great doing it, so I feel like she’s a great symbol for us.”

Like many of her tattoos, this one represents strength.  “Everything I have on me makes me feel like I can do anything,” she says.

Jasmine Villegas

Jasmine’s first tattoo was the words “Never Look Back” on her upper back, which she got in May 2012. She told Power 98.3 “that actually was because I went through a domestic violence relationship for over a year. When I turned 18 I wanted my very first tattoo to mean something and I wanted it to be a positive message. So I got ‘never look back’ basically saying — well I can never physically look back it at it — but just so I would never look back at the past and I would keep moving forward.”

Jasmine has been an advocate against abusive relationships and even released a single “Didn’t Mean It” sharing her own experiences. The intro the the music video reads: “Everybody has a story. This is part of my story and it has made me who I am. Never feel embarrassed or ashamed of any trials you’ve endured. Grow from it and Never Look Back. You are not alone.”